What to do (and what not to do) after a meal

So, you just had a wonderful meal (without me) and now what are you planning to do? Doze off? Wait!! Just stop!! Before you do that I have something to share and you can try this instead, after the meal.

Today, I will share a few things that you should do and a few things you should avoid after the meal. These are things which you need to remember if you want a good digestive system and overall good health. So without, further ado let’s learn these.

Things to do

Meal- do this

4 of these are the yoga asanas( as you can see). Now, you just need to do these for just 10-15 minutes and that would be sufficient. These asanas support good digestive health, provide relief in bloating, reduce stress and anxiety and calm the mind, hence helping you with better sleep.

You can even walk instead, cause doing these asanas are not possible at the workplace. A walk of 15 minutes will be good. Try to make it a routine

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Things to avoid(after the meal)

Meal- don't do this

Now, you might be wondering why I am saying no to these things? Well, after a meal these things thwart the proper digestion process.

If I speak according to ayurvedic terms, then these things act as a poison to our stomach and body.

You can still do these, but you should wait for at least 1-2 hours. Do things which I have mentioned above instead.

Note: Eating fruits at night should be avoided, as it disrupt the digestion and can cause other serious issues like sleeplessnesss, rise in blood sugar levels etc.

So, these were the things which you need to remember. I made it in an image format so that you can save it and watch it again even without the internet.

I would like to thank my brother Mr I for giving me the idea of this blog, you can say him a Hi, in the comment section. You can also share recipes or what you had for a meal in the comment section.

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For the future, I have a brilliant idea for a blog about “things to do and not to do during a meal”. You can keep yourself notified about that by connecting with me through social media platforms.

Until next week, kindly take care and smile ๐Ÿ˜€

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