6 easy ways to burn 100 calories

Burning calories and that too easily almost sounds like a dream. But, what if I tell you that’s actually possible. And, trust me that could be fun as well.

With this post, we will learn some ways by which you can burn 100 calories easily. These ways are not new, but I am sure you will find them surprising.

But, before we get to the 6 easy ways to burn 100 calories, I would quickly like to explain what calories are and why we want to burn them anyway.

What are calories?

We need the energy to perform multiple tasks. Our brain, heart, etc. needs energy to do their job. We get energy from the food we eat. Calories are the unit of energy.

I am sure, you might have seen calories mentioned on a food item, which tells you how many calories or energy you will get from that particular food. If you never read the label of a food product, this blog post will tell you why and how to read it.

Anyway, the body gets energy from the food we eat, suppose the body needs 2000 calories in a day, you can have them through food. If you are eating more than you need or not burning enough calories, the extra energy or calorie gets stored as fat.

There are ways to burn extra or unwanted calories. Some ways could be demanding and will burn more calories in less time, while some could be easy and will still burn some calories.

Today, we will discuss 6 easy ways to burn 100 calories or more (depending on the duration).

#1 Walking

Walking is the most common and effective form of exercise and people often ignore the power of walking. As I’ve mentioned here, let me tell you walking for 20 mins at a moderate pace can easily help you burn 100+ calories.

But, how many calories you will burn will also depend on conditions like how and where you are walking, your pace, your weight, and other conditions.

A brisk walk for 20–30 mins daily can easily help you burn 100+ calories. This will also depend on your speed, for example at 4-5 mph you can easily burn 185 calories in 30 mins if you are of 50-60 kg.

Other benefits of walking

Other benefits of daily walking include, it keeps the heart healthy and reducing death risk by 30%. It reduces stress (especially if the walk is in nature), aids in fat loss, strengthen bones, improves digestion (especially if the normal paced walk is after a meal), lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and a lot more.

So if you want to burn some extra calories, get your shoes ready.

#2 Climbing stairs

This is effective, a bit laborious, but a terrific calorie burner. People often avoid it because of elevators and escalators. But climbing stairs for 15 mins can help you burn 120+ calories.

I would also like to include climbing a slope or hill or road. That will show similar results and will help you burn calories. I know some of you will not consider it easy, especially since it could be heavy for the knees. But, if you can, it’s best practice to take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Here again, weight will be a deciding factor, if you weigh more than you will burn more calories in less time, and vice versa.

Even climbing down or going downhill will help you burn some calories, but almost half.

#3 Laughing

If you want to burn some calories while laughing, this is the perfect opportunity. People don’t know how effective laughter is, it’s convenient, and it’s helping you in more ways than you know.

Just by for laughing 15 mins a day, you can burn 40 calories. That means if you increase the time of laughter, you can burn even more calories.

Laughter has some other benefits too, and it’s a great kind of therapy especially for seniors.

#4 Stretching while sitting

Where are my FGW readers at? If you are a regular reader, now is the time to remember an old post where I talked about how sitting and exercising is fun.

This particular idea is for those who have a lot of sitting to do, especially tiresome desk jobs. But, sitting and working out will not only help you relax but will help you burn some calories.

This workout contains some stretches, some relaxation, and a lot of fun. This is a must-do activity for those who have very less time to leave their desk.

This will again depend on your weight, so for 30 mins, a person can burn 120–170 calories while sitting and stretching on the chair.

And yes, you will get more active, reduce the tension of the muscle, and get more flexible.

#5 Yoga

So some people think that Yoga will not help you burn calories. Yes, this maybe be slow for some people, but Yoga can also help you burn 100+ calories in less time.

There are many forms of yoga and depending on the type, you can burn 200-600 calories during a session. So even if you want to lose weight or just stay in shape, a yoga routine can work fine for you.

One round of Surya namaskar or sun salutation can help you burn almost 14 calories.

If I talk about myself than I am 80 kg and I can burn 118 calories in 30 mins of yoga session.

This calculator will tell you about how many calories you can burn with yoga and stretching.

#6 Cleaning up

This is the only activity that few people will not like to do. But, as I am including this here than yes you can burn at least 100 calories while cleaning up.

Cleaning the house for 30 mins does require a lot of work, it could include dusting, vacuuming, brooming, etc. In Indian households, floors are generally cleaned with a pocha (mop). That requires a lot of bending in a squat position, moving around, and even lifting (the container/bucket).

But, cleaning up isn’t limited to house cleaning. It could also include car washing, washing utensils, etc.

You just had a great meal and added a few extra calories, but let’s burn those calories while doing the dishes. You can burn a great amount of calories in less time while cleaning the utensils.

For example, a person of 75 kg can easily burn 250+ calories while cleaning utensils for 30 mins.

Bonus: Few more ways to burn 100 calories

There are definitely more ways to burn 100 calories. Activities like cardio, running, gardening, skipping, challenging your friends with a fun activity, or trying something like this can help you a lot.

Easy ways to burn calories

This particular calculator will tell you how many calories are you even burning while doing your favorite activities.

High-calorie food

Normally a human needs 1600–2200 calories a day. If we take more than that, than that extra calories are converted into body fat, or simply you will gain extra weight, and then you will need ways to burn fat.

But, many people need high calories foods if they are bulking up, their main focus is eating food that is high in calories, but also healthy at the same time.

Typically, we get 532+ calories from 100 grams of chocolate or Nutella. A pack of Oreo contains 400+ kcal.

A burger of 100 grams, let’s say Mac d’s big mac contains 257 kcal. A pizza contains 266+ kcal, it’s unhealthy, that’s another story. Or a packet of chips containing 500+ kcal (for 100 gm).

High calorie food

It’s not like fruit doesn’t contain any calories, in fact, they do contain some calories. Like a banana contains 100+ calories. 1 cup watermelon contains 46 calories. A medium size orange contains 62 calories and likewise.

If you have any specific physique in mind, or if you want to reduce unwanted calorie intake, it’s advisable to use a trusted calorie tracker for food. However, you won’t be needing it if you want to stay fit and stick to healthy eating for the majority of the time.

In the end

Calories can be indeed burned in some easy and effective ways. These ways are very less time-consuming and people who are busy with their work or other things can easily adopt them in their life.

These activities may not help you lose weight faster, but are very reliable and convenient in the long term.


Calorie tracking may or may not be for everyone. If your goal is to stay active then the first thing you need to do is know your food and then follow things like these.

You may also need to know how many calories you actually need in a day, for that consult a certified nutritionist or medical professional.

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Until it’s fixed (If it’s ever fixed), please use this as a like button if you are unable to like it.

Until next time Keep smiling.

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  1. Cleaning your house is a great workout, I love doing that with a mop. This is what we do back in Ukraine too. Walking is a good one, I try to walk to/from work. With various degree of success I have been doing for a few years now. If it’s reasonable to climb the stairs I try to do it. And yes, one of the main reasons I have a job is that I get a good laugh of it. I love hearing what my students are talking about, sometimes their jokes are so funny I laugh deep inside for hours (as I usually keep my poker face at work). When I come home I tell my husband all the funny ones so we can laugh together, it’s a great pastime after a busy day.

    • What kind of mop?
      The one with the stick?
      Here in India, people generally use cloth and sit and clean.
      Walking is indeed a great form of exercise.

      Stairs are definitely reasonable. Burn your energy, but saves the energy of moving an elevator….

      I can’t believe you laugh for hours….. Poker face, yes that’s believable, haha

      You are a lovely teacher, because you interact with students outside class.

      • The mop is a T shaped wooden thing, you are supposed to put a rag on it, I sometimes use my old t-shirt to do that. This is cutting edge, I know …

  2. I like that laughing is a calorie burning activity! Vacuuming, sweeping, or mopping (as Milena mentioned) all burn calories. Even carrying a load of wet clothes to hang to dry is healthy work. On a personal note: Devang, have you changed your password recently? I couldn’t even comment on your site until I logged in a second time!

      • I guess my comment is “what upgrade”? 😉 Not anything that helps personal bloggers… A paragraph as a “block” is counterproductive. I usually see a difference right away after I change my password each month. Do you blog from a phone or computer?

      • Blogging through phone sounds difficult
        I use computer

        Maybe I recently logged out
        Or it’s just the protection by jetpack.

        Good thing is you are talking again. You almost went to selected words

  3. Cleaning the house is a daily thing and what i would also consider is singing for 40 mins (i love that, obviously).

    I become extra joyful after hearing/reading words like music or singing😂

    I am noting down things i should start doing from now on😅

    • Indeed these are !!
      But also those who don’t want to lose weight and stay fit
      Can follow/adopt these.
      Thanks a lot for commenting.
      This is your comment if I’m not wrong.
      I hope it’s not the last 😁

  4. Great Post and some interesting ideas. You could also have included dancing 💃
    As for me, I’m going to focus on walking and housework. Plus just trying to be more active on an ongoing basis, rather than sitting all day

      • Workout while sitting… yes, but getting up and stretching, doing 10-15 mins of housework etc, might also be more productive and a break from writing etc is good too

  5. Hi Devang,

    I’m already ‘underweight’. This blog is not be useful for me directly.

    I have taken an overview of this post.

    On previous Sunday I went outside to visit the Ganga ghats.
    Initially, I said ‘a clear No’, but my friends insisted. So I need to join them.

    Because of ‘dehydration, wrong food choices (I was still aware), and largely “weather change” diarrhoea caught me between next 3 days (Can I accept and talk about that publicly?)

    I’m sick for the last 6 days.
    Don’t worry, I have taken required medication; have recovered almost 95%.
    Unfortunately I’m weight (which’s unfair).
    …can’t attend regular classes.

    I hope to recover fully soon.
    It seems I need to prepare a ‘basic’ but longtime strategy.
    My goal is to gain weight upto 55 Kg till the end of this year, in addition to regular exercise, meditation and running.

    (Feeling really really bad and less energetic for the last one week.😣😳)

      • I’m not serious at all. I’m the least serious in real life. I just don’t laugh or smile much 😅

      • Well our society have stigma that if a person smiles less means they are serious!!

        However, I don’t judge you or anyone else on that basis!!!

        I know you are fun mostly and cool person to hang around with.
        I’m reading your work from last 2 years, Now I know a bit about you.
        Furthermore, I feel dentmistry brings out your personality in the best way possible.
        And, I get happy seeing you having fun, as mostly you are worried, haha

      • You are talking about old posts
        I was updating my old posts today

        Oh my god what a horror. They got seo score of 10

        I fixed them to get a score of 80
        Even heading received 48, which I changed and got 70 😅.

        I want to read all your work. It’s like content for years
        I will also learn how you changed over the time.

      • I know, it’s embarrassing editing our old posts. Lol I’m just like how did I think this was good enough to publish??

        Lol, avoid my old posts 😅

      • Yes!!
        I need to change a lot.
        Do you recommend editing and republishing with the new date?
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        This comment went into the spam, you need to cease spamming immediately, be a good girl ^-^ haha

        Oh, I will read your old work, Need to know and meet that PG

      • Don’t republish, that will mess up your site and crawl bots will have to crawl everything all over again. Just update, that will help increase your DA etc.
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      • Okay then!!
        So I just update it silently.
        Basically, I am just improving my SEO score!
        you once said you will mail me about this thing, but we never got chance to talk about it. Mail thing happened and all…

        Will like to discuss it further.

        Good thing, I always check spam.
        I think Akismet has to do with your comments going to mail.

  6. My calories are stubborn and I have to put lot of efforts to lose my weight. But I like to exercise so not complaining about it. I also like to do house cleaning so that’s double benefit 😜

    • Ahhh stubborn calories

      For my it’s easy to lose weight, but even easier to gain it back. I need to be very strict.

      I expect a healthy diet from you. Maybe you’ll share 🥺

      House cleaning could be fun, add singing to it, extra calories burned

      • I am big foodie, so diet is difficult thing for me. And I don’t believe in any trendy diets plans 😜. But I avoid junk and fast food. And ensure to exercise regularly 🤘🏼

      • Well me too…
        I don’t eat junk food, I don’t eat outside.

        A “diet” could also mean eating healthily and following a regimen…
        It doesn’t mean, stop eating favorites.

  7. You missed a very important way to burn calories, sleeping 😴.
    Sleeping is the best and my favourite way to lose calories with 0 efforts, lol!

    Jokes apart, I prefer a morning walk in nature, as it not only helps lose calories and stay fit, it also helps with stress and other psychological benefits as you’ve mentioned!

    A great post for (lazy) people like me.😅 Thanks for sharing 😊

    • I’ll tell you a secret
      Earlier it was 7 easy ways to burn 100 calories
      But then I counted and it was 6, I felt I wrote 7, how it is 6 now.
      Actually I forgot to write about sleep. Which was in my plan before.
      But I forgot to research much about that.

      Restorative yoga does helps in burn some calories.
      Needed proper research regarding that and I was already on my posting schedule so I changed it to 6.

      Keep laughing, thats a best calorie burner

      • See, I helped you remember! 😌

        What is restorative, yoga??? Have to find out about it.

        Sure!! 😁

      • No I had that in my mind
        As I said, It was originally in plan, but had to drop it as I didn’t researched much about it.

        People will take it wrongly and will just lay down for whole day, that won’t help.

  8. Hello Devang, I’m writing on this post again, rather than the new one because I can’t access the Skipping post from my reader!! Very very strange. I got it in my email inbox but I don’t see it in my Reader, so I can’t comment on it. Even worse, when I go through Manage sites I get Fat Guy Workout without the posts after this one. Huh? What? Does not make sense how your site is malfunctioning since you got your domain…. Best wishes for speedy resolution.

  9. Hey, good to know I’m doing these without even thinking about the benefits. My fave is laughing, of course.

  10. DU I was about to write on this topic but changed my mind coz it requires a lot of accurate medical records and I was too busy this week to even find time to respond to many bloggers. There is overwhelming number of articles on this topic. But you have managed to put it all together in such a precise way.
    Bravo, dude. 👏👏👏👏

    • I’ve indeed read number of articles for this.

      Generally for such posts, as you said, research is required.
      Then need to give people ways to measure their process.

      I tried my best. As a health writer, you are better to judge it 😁

  11. All tips suggested by you are good, but I prefer walking, climbing, yoga and also stretching. A nice share!

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