If you are thinking that I will teach you the table of 5, then you are wrong.

Today I will be sharing a unique workout routine. It is called 5-10-15-20. Sounds interesting? Well, it is fun and interesting. It is a great time saver and massive calorie burner. So without any further ado, let’s start with the first exercise.

Caution: This routine is for intermediate and above level, although beginners are free to read it(also drop like after reading it). Also, make sure you have completed your warm-up before starting this routine.

The most important thing before workout- Warm-Up

Wide Push-ups- 5 reps

You might be familiar with regular pushups, but this time we will keep our hands slightly beyond shoulder width or a bit wider. You can also use a workout mat and place both palms on the corners of the mat. Rest is the same as regular pushups, go for 5 reps.

For exercises like push-ups, crunches or stretching, you may need a proper workout mat(yoga mat). There are many options to choose from. Here’s a direct link where you can buy the best quality workout mat.


Squats-10 reps

Squats is a very common exercise and this is a very basic exercise even beginners can do with ease.

To do this- Imagine you are sitting on an invisible chair, bend at the hips and the knees while keeping the back straight and heels-toes firmed on the floor. Keep your chest up and head straight and bend down, make sure your knees do not cross your toes. Return to the original position, that’s rep 1, go for 10 reps.

Note- You are not allowed to rest between these exercises.

Running climbers-15 reps

Honestly, I used to despise this exercise, but then as I got comfortable doing it, I enjoy it now.

To do this- Get in the plank position(I hope you remember my blog based on planks), Bring your knee towards your chest, return to the previous position, now bring another knee, try doing it a bit faster(with safety off course). That was one rep. and we need to do 15 reps in total.

You can also replace this exercise with another plank variant that I have shared before.

Plank variations for intermediate level

These 3 exercises are just round 1 and we still need to do 4 more rounds(total 5 for today). Now the 20 in the heading is 20 seconds rest after every round.

If you find these exercises or variants simple you can always add something extra to your workout. You can add weights or you can increase the difficulty of the exercise by doing a harder variant. You know your limitations so choose accordingly.

There is no limit to the number of rounds, you can set milestones after every 10 rounds and rest in between for a little longer, just remember to drink plenty of water. If at any point you feel you cannot continue any further, stop right there. I want you to enjoy this routine rather than punishing yourself.

I hope you like this quick and effective workout routine, let me know in the comments section if you are already doing it or even if you are not, then share your experience. If you like what you just read then clap. You can also follow me on social media for updates.

Until next time, stay healthy and remember to smile.

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