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People often say that only going to the gym can keep you fit, but; not everyone can go to the gym, can they? I mean, with a busy schedule, working from home, and a hectic lifestyle, it’s very hard to find time to go to the gym, and that too daily. Well, there is an easy alternative and people are preferring that much more these days.

Workout at home is getting more popular, people are able to find time to do workouts at home, at their own comfort, and preferred time. We can even see more videos available over the internet are focused much more on home workout, that doesn’t even require equipment. Today we shall discuss, 5 such exercises (definitely not push-ups, squats, or planks), that are easy to execute and can give you a variety.

1: Jumping jacks

Although jumping jacks are very common, people often ignore doing it. This exercise could be your next favorite exercise to burn a prodigious amount of calories in less time. It also benefits by increasing blood circulation, and maintaining heart rate( that’s a good thing right?)

To do this, we need to stand straight(in an attention position), with arms on the sides. Now, as we jump spread our legs and arms, we can either take our hands over our heads or in the T position, whatever suits us. Return to the original position and go for more repetition. Remember, our hands and legs will work in sync, which means whenever we jump and spread our legs, our hands will also move, doing that will give you added momentum. Just remember we need not to bent our knees too much, and we need to land soft every time. We can also challenge ourselves by doing more repetitions in less time.

2: Knees to elbows

This is an exercise to target abs while standing( that’s fun ). It targets the upper abs, lower abs, and left and right oblique (love handles).

To do this, you need to stand straight (again), bend your arms and place them behind your head(I won’t ask you to sleep while standing), now bring your knee to the opposite elbow while squeezing your abs, come to the original position and repeat for another side. That’s one rep, try doing more repetition and achieve for 3 sets of 12 repetitions each.

3: Hip bridge

Hip bridge or glute bridge or simply bridges, is an exercise that targets the posterior chain-lower back, glutes, and hamstring. It will also help us in easing lower back pain and helps in maintaining a sitting posture.

To do this you need a workout Mat (that is the only extra thing I am asking today). Lie down on the mat and bend your knees, place your hands parallel to your hips, now try lifting your hips up, while squeezing your abs, you can push the floor with your hands. Now, remember whenever you are in the original position breath-in and whenever you lift your butt up breath-out. Aim for 3 sets of 12 repetitions or try doing it for 30 secs.

4: Lunges

Lunges or split squats (These are the only squats I am asking you to try today) are great exercises to target the hamstrings, quadriceps (inner thighs), glutes, and calves. It also helps with balance and stability.

We need to stand straight (one last time I promise), with arms on sides. Now do you remember proposing someone or getting proposed? Well, next step is all about it, step forward and bent your knee, until you make a 90deg with it, return to initial position and switch off the leg. This was just one repetition, try going for multiple reps. You can even do it backward, just this time you need to step backward and bend in backward direction. More difficulty can be added by jumping while lunging or using weights, but for beginners, basic lunges are appropriate.


What image do you get when you think of penguins? A bird living in Antarctica? Well true, but here this is just a name for our next and final exercise, also known as alternate heel touchers. For doing this simple exercise, we need to lay down straight on the mat again, while hands parallel to our sides. Now lift your upper back and shoulders(just a little) and try touching your heels with your hands, do it alternatively. This movement is what resembles to how penguins walk( I wonder if they have abs as well). We can first touch left heel and then return to original position and go for right, or we can start from right side( cause the right side is always right).

Famous actress and model Brooke shield shared this exercise on social media and that’s when people remembered the forgotten exercise, that targets oblique-love handles (another funny name).

Final few lines

By no means, I am trying to say that these exercises are better than push-ups, squats, or planks, but these are definitely a variety, we can add to our home workout regimen. Any exercise that makes you move, is good exercise. Just remember to do it safely to avoid injuries. And don’t forget to stretch out after finishing your workout.

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Until next time, stay healthy and remember to smile.

Image courtesy: https://www.spotebi.com

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  1. Awesome workπŸ‘πŸ»… i personally found it Very helpful and creative those workout tips. Infact the way of expressing/explaining each exercise and the writing pattern is so very engrossing. Keep going β™₯️

  2. I love doing jumping jacks as a warm up. It’s one exercise that can be easily done on one place, is a low-impact but effective exercise. Great post, Devang.

    • I do enjoy jumping jacks πŸ˜ƒ
      would you like to try a tabata challenge?
      Of how many jumping jacks you can do in 8 rounds??
      Also dear, ranjana, I still can’t access your site by tapping your name/site.

      • I will be starting a new job soon and that means updating my blogging schedule. I am not sure if I will Have time for Tabata challenge. Let’s see what May has for me.
        The WordPress support team hasn’t responded yet and I feel a bit disheartened about continuing blogging.

  3. Thanks for sharing these beginner-friendly exercises, Devang. Was this your number-one blog of all time as I can see, it’s dated August 1st, 2021? If so, it’s great that you’ve come all this way with your blog as it is now. Most of these exercises, I can’t do as I would need to be able to stand or bend down to my feet. However, I think I could do the penguin one, as I could try this when lying on my bed. If I get down to the floor unaided, I wouldn’t be able to get up again, and I’d still be there in a week’s time 😁! I know there are other exercises I can do, too, as you have shared your seated exercises on your blog since this first post. Thanks for sharing your knowledge on this topic. It is appreciated 😊.

    • Oh yes, this is first blog 😝

      I updated things here and there 🀭

      Let me know your penguin experience πŸ˜†

      Hey, I certainly don’t write like this πŸ₯²

    • Yes, this is indeed the first blog. Haha

      Thanks for reading.

      Also, do whatever you are comfortable with 😊
      Our main goal is to stay healthy and at ease.

  4. As someone who has had bad knees since the age of 15, and who has had abdominal surgery that interferes with sit-ups etc., I have developed a modified Tai-Chi home workout that helps to get the blood moving, helps build strength and balance, and helps with relaxation!

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