Stretch it!!

Today I will talk about a topic that I was procrastinating since august. Well, I have mentioned several times to not to forget stretching after a workout. But, today I will discuss why you should stretch? What you should do? & What’s the best time for stretching?

So let’s start with the benefits of stretching without stretching this intro any further.

Benefits of stretching:

  • Stretching reduces the risk of injuries, especially before and after a workout.
  • It improves flexibility– You won’t believe me, but it definitely does (You can try it if you have doubts).
  • Increases blood circulation in muscles.
  • Reduces stress– It has been found that stretching helps in reducing tension and stress and it soothes our mind.
  • Reduces muscle stiffness and pain– Imagine your body is some old unused machine, what happens if you repair it a bit? Well, what repairing does to the machine, Stretching do the same to your body.
  • Improves posture– If you can remove strain from your muscles and if you become more flexible, your posture (sitting, standing) will improve automatically.
That’s how you do it

These were few benefits of stretching, Now I will share some basic stretching moves that everyone can do. These moves won’t require anything extra and it will do wonders for your body.

Shoulder stretch

Pain in the shoulders is quite common, whenever we lift anything heavy or if we experience sudden pull, we can get shoulder pain. The above-shown stretching is very easy to do and it will release the stress from your shoulders. Hold for at least 20 secs for each hand.

Chest stretch

Chest opener

The above-shown stretch is called Chest opener, and as the name suggests, it opens the stress from the chest. But not only that, it also targets the biceps, shoulder & relaxes the back. Do it in the same way as shown in the image and hold for 30 secs.

Make sure your back is straight while doing these above 2 stretches. You can also sit while doing these but again sit straight.

Back stretch

For the next few stretches, you need a workout mat or you can also do it on your bed. These stretches can be done in a sequence.


This stretch is called Apanasana, it is a yoga Asana. It is great for abdomen & lower back. Do this for 30 secs and don’t rush.


The above-shown stretch is known as Chakravakasana. People call it cat-cow pose but I have shared the actual name of this Asana. This Asana massages organ in the belly and stretches spine & neck.

This involves 2 steps. In the 1st step, you need to inhale and exhale while going to step 2. Do this patiently, so that you can get the benefits of this amazing Asana.


The above shown Asana is called Balasana. It eases lower back pain & creates a nice stretch in the hips and thighs. This Asana is very relaxing, so feel all the tension going away with it. Stay in this pose for 20-30 secs.


You might be familiar with the above shown Asana, it is called Bhujangasana. It strengthens spine and helps in relieving stress & fatigue. It is also great for the heart & lungs (but that’s a topic for another day).

Stay in this posture for 20-30 secs.

Adho Mukha Svanasana

The Final back stretch that I am sharing in this blog is Adho Mukha Svanasana. It stretches calves, back, shoulders and hamstrings. Do this for 20-30 secs and enjoy the relaxation.

Quad stretch

Quad stretch

The last stretch in this blog is Quad stretch. This stretching reduces the risk of injury, stiffness and boosts the ability to do more exercise (although all the above-mentioned stretches do the same).

You can take support of wall while doing the above shown stretch. Hold for 30 secs for each leg.

Things to be considered about stretching

  • Avoid stretching if you have back pain– Back aches are of different types, if you think that you can fix every type of ache with stretching, then you are wrong.
  • Avoid stretching after surgery– consult a doctor before starting anything that your body is not prepared for.
  • Mind you posture– a bad posture would be of no use and can even hurt you.
  • Don’t haste– Stretching is something that needs to be done patiently. If you are hurrying, then you are just wasting your time.

If you stretch correctly and regularly, you will find that every movement you make becomes easier.

Bob Anderson

Did I tell you the best time to stretch? I didn’t? Maybe I forgot, My brain needs some stretching I guess. So, the best time to stretch is before and after a workout, although the above-mentioned stretching is for after the workout. I have already shared stretching before a workout, make sure you check it out (drop likes on it while you are there).

The most important thing before workout- Warm-Up

You can also stretch if you are sitting on a chair for a prolonged period. Morning stretch is also a thing, you can do that if you feel stiffness in the muscle. Last but not the least, you can stretch before bed on the bed. I have already mentioned why it is good in my last blog, check that too.

How to get a Good-night sleep

Try this amazing roller, it will help you relieve all your stress

Let me know if you are already been stretching or even if you don’t, I want you to give it a try. You will thank me later (do that in the comment box down below), cause I made you unlock your hidden potential. Try it and feel the difference.

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I hope you are already smiling, so keep smiling like that.

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  1. Stretch is very useful for our body especially the exercise which you have shown in your blog. Thank you for sharing .๐ŸŒน๐Ÿ˜Š

  2. Wow, this is mind-blowing, thanks for sharing the names of all different types of stretches, very interesting, and would be great to incoportate this in my routines. I mainly rush for weights and never stretch even after my workout. Thanks.

    • You should definitely invest time in warm up and cool down, you will get maximum benefits with it. Thank you so much for your time on my blog ๐Ÿ™‡๐Ÿปโ€โ™‚๏ธ

  3. Hey Devang
    This was such a useful Post… specially for me…because after carrying such a heavy school bag I definitely think that I need some stretching…so thank you for sharing this post.

  4. I feel better all day when I stretch in the morning, so naturally I only do it sporadically. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I go though several yoga stretches and those recommended by my chiropractor. One of my favorite desk stretches I learned from a Physical Therapist is with the lower right arm flat on the lower back, I turn my head slowly to the left, then raise my chin. Then, the left arm and face to the right side. It is great to combat text neck.

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