A health product review by Devang upadhyaya

Recently, I have written yet another article for Healthieyoo  But, this time it was based on a health product and it was a review article.

This is/was my first ever review and I feel when you are reviewing something, you need to be very unbiased.

First, let me tell you what I reviewed,

It was a fruits and vegetables supplement.

Health product -dietary supplement-Balance of nature

Balance of nature is a dietary supplement, with aim to provide nutrition for all. More details in the article itself.

My role in this review was to understand and explore more about these supplements and give an unbiased review on it. I wrote this article as Devang upadhyaya and not as FGW, and you will see a little change in the style.

Reviews should always be unbiased like you cannot just speak about one side, you need to explore all details based on it.

I wrote this, by thinking all the sides, and gave a review that will at least help you with an educated decision about this supplement.

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Balance of Nature Reviews: The Good, Bad And Ugly!

I have written twice with Healthiyoo. Their guidelines are very easy, and I was comfortable writing for them.

Generally, clients have various needs, and they may not even reveal the name of writer (which is okay), But in this case you will find my name on the article and the article is shared as it is (without alteration).

It has happened twice with me that my blog posts were heavily altered without my consent, but Healthiyoo never alters my work, and this is why I love working them.

This article kept me occupied, and I had to delay part 2nd of Ultra process foods post, but don’t worry I’m still working on it and will publish it real soon.

Also, if you want to submit a guest blog, or you want me to write for your site, then drop an email. Kindly, don’t wait for me to mail you first.

Read this review, and let me know your thoughts here. I would appreciate them.

Until next time, keep smiling.

36 responses to “A health product review by Devang upadhyaya”

  1. Very detailed review, Devang. I can see that you’ve been busy. You’re right, cayenne pepper is not a vegetable, it’s a fruit. I wonder if it is the preservative. Or it’s for taste.

  2. impressive and very nicely balanced, Devang.
    I like how you weighed all the information and balanced it out.
    I think people generally look to reviews when considering a product and you also mentioned that.

    … and yes… I did wonder how so many things could fit into one capsule but you answered that too😁

    splendid review 👌🤍

  3. Hi Devang 😁 I’ve just read your review. You’ve spent quite a bit of time looking into this to provide a neutral, balanced review. I could use thos to show my students how to do it 😆
    I must admit, as I was reading the description and the good, alarm bells were going off in my head and I had so many questions. You addressed most of these later. I definitely agree I’d have some reservations and agree it seems pricey for dried fruit and veg. I also question just how much is inthe capsules given the calorie content you mentioned. Only 10cals in 3 capsules … not even 1/4 of a piece of fruit? That makes me question the benefits. I wonder if it’s full of low cal filler veggies?

  4. Devang, great job on the review!! It’s very detailed, unbiased, specific, and thoughtfully written. I like how you questioned how the capsules could smell that fresh if no additives were added. It’s something a person would think about but not articulate.

  5. Amazing …..
    Wonder review. I haven’t read any review of any product so nicely written in recent time now ….

    How do you do this?

    Keep it up.
    I’m so proud of you.

      • Hmmm, I just read it. There are hardly any FDA approved herbal supplements or essential oils because that business doesn’t require them. There are some individually tested, but not all.



        Is there any way to certify they put dry fruit powder in there or potentially just chalk and filler? As well, what do the capsules feel like? Do they have a gelatinous surface? This (obviously) could hint to gelatin coating which is made from animal products.

        Why would they even put this in a pill form that is thick and a choking hazard? (More curiosity)

        What do they provide? Vitamins A, B, C, D,E, and K? Something to eat when a person can’t eat?

        Let’s use ovulating and menstruating females or children—many of them take iron—which is known for upsetting the stomach and working against calcium if taken together…what do these supplements do? Do they cause stomach upset?

        Do these have vitamin C? Usually manifested as citric acid that can weaken or strengthen a medication.

        Anyway, the article was very informative. My favorite part was the bad and the ugly, not only because it was well written, but it takes a lot of consideration to pick supplements and seeing negatives and supplements with outrageous and laughable claims is always fun and interesting to read.

      • Certification from government agencies help us to make educated choice.
        It ensures that, this particular product went through certain channel.

        There’s no guarantee for anything to be 100% safe, but when we see lab results and some analysis, we are able to make better choice.

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