Mastering the 80/20 Rule: Enjoy Your Favorite Foods While Maintaining Your Diet Plan

The following is the “Family blog” (a new term), written by my brother. He’s the reason why I started blogging. Let’s read this blog post about 80/20 rule with a completely different style.

Meet Raj, a young professional juggling the demands of a hectic city life. Every evening, he’d pass by this street food haven, tempted by its delights. But Raj was also mindful of his health and calorie intake. Could he savor the flavors he loved without derailing his diet? One day, as he stood at the stall, pondering his choices, the elderly stall owner, Durga, noticed his dilemma. With a warm smile, she shared a secret – a simple yet powerful principle that had guided her culinary choices for decades, the Pareto Principle.
In the journey of maintaining a healthy diet, we often find ourselves grappling with a never-ending
struggle – how to savor our favorite foods without derailing our calorie intake and overall diet plan. As we delve into the heart of India’s culinary journey, let Raj and Durga’s encounter be a reminder that in the world of delightful flavors, the 80/20 rule can be your trusted companion. It’s time to explore how
you can relish your favorite foods while staying true to your diet, the Indian way.
In this blog, we embark on a flavorful exploration of how you can apply this principle to your life,
allowing you to indulge in your favorite culinary delights while staying committed to your diet.

Identifying Your Nutritional North Star

Before we dive into the intricacies of the 80/20 rule, it’s crucial to identify the North Star of your nutritional journey – vital nutrients that your body yearns for:


Picture lean sources like chicken, fish, paneer, tofu, and legumes as the building blocks for muscle growth and overall bodily functions.


Complex carbs found in whole grains, fruits, and vegetables provide both energy
and a treasure trove of essential vitamins and minerals.


When we speak of fats, envision the heart-healthy ones from avocados, nuts, and olive oil,
essential for brain health and hormone production.


Foods rich in fibers, like whole grains, veggies, and fruits, not only facilitate digestion but also
send signals of satiety to your brain, preventing overindulgence.

Vitamins and Minerals

Infuse your diet with a rainbow of vitamins (A, C, D, E) and minerals (calcium, iron, magnesium) to support a symphony of bodily functions. These essential nutrients should constitute about 80% of your daily dietary intake, serving as the
anchor of your nutritional voyage.

Farewell to Dietary Culprits

The 80/20 rule is your guiding light, but to truly unlock its potential, you must bid adieu, or at least limit your interactions, to dietary culprits – the 20% of foods that stealthily usher in 80% of excess calories and unwelcome weight gain. This category often comprises:

Sugary Seductions

Think of sodas, candies, and sweet treats as tempting sirens luring you towards the calorie-laden rocks.

Fast Food Feasts

Burgers, fries, and fried enigmas harbor the potent combination of unhealthy fats and a calorie explosion.

Processed Puzzles

Frozen meals, chips, and microwaveable concoctions are laden with preservatives and dietary riddles. While you need not bid these delights a permanent farewell, moderation is your ally, ensuring that they occupy only a fraction of your daily culinary landscape.

80/20 Rule - can we eat our favorites without guild?

The Art of Portion Mastery

Portion control is your brush, and the canvas of your plate awaits your masterpiece. Even seemingly virtuous foods can be treacherous if allowed to flood your plate indiscriminately. Mastering this art involves:

Smaller Plates, Bigger Victories

Embrace smaller plates and bowls as your trusted companions,
naturally downsizing your portion sizes.

Dance of the Satiety

Listen to your body’s cues. Cease your culinary endeavors when the chorus of satisfaction begins, not when the crescendo of overindulgence deafens your senses.

Measure with Precision

Employ measuring cups and kitchen scales to orchestrate your food portions, especially when dealing with calorie-dense maestros. Aim to savor approximately 20% less than your habitual portion sizes, especially when confronted
with calorie-rich creations.

Meal Choreography

Guild free eating, is it possible?

In the grand ballet of the 80/20 rule, meal planning assumes the role of the choreographer. It’s all about orchestrating harmonious, balanced, and nutritious meals that strike a melodious chord with your dietary aspirations. Here’s how to step onto this nutritional stage:

Balanced Plate Overture

Every meal should perform a harmonious duet, featuring lean protein, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, and a symphony of vegetables.

Ingredient Symphony

Seek out virtuoso ingredients and cooking techniques that harmonize with your dietary composition. Consider using olive oil instead of butter or the grace of grilling over the
flamboyance of frying.

Batch Culinary Crescendos

Plan ahead, prepare nutritious meals in advance, and store them like treasure troves of gastronomic delight, ready to be savored when hunger strikes. Identify the 20% of meals that form 80% of your daily intake and ensure they are nutritional
masterpiece aligned with your dietary score.

The Nutrient Opera

Within the confines of your culinary theater, prioritize foods that take center stage due to their nutrient density. These virtuosos offer a feast of vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients without the excess baggage of calories. In this nutrient opera, our lead performers include:

Dark Leafy Greens

The emerald elegance of spinach, kale, and Swiss chard, replete with vitamins and minerals, is a visual and culinary delight.


Think of blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries as the maestros of antioxidants and fiber, conducting a sensory symphony.

Lean Proteins

Picture the virtuous chicken breast, the dashing fish, and the melodious tofu and beans, serenading you with their nutritional prowess. Give these nutrient dense superstars a standing ovation in your dietary play, ensuring that your body receives its daily dose of essential nutrients without the calorie excess.

The Overture of Progress

The 80/20 rule is not a decree for immediate dietary upheaval. Instead, it invites you to craft gradual yet enduring improvements to the 20% of your dietary choices responsible for 80% of your health concerns. By embracing a journey of small, sustainable changes, you paint a portrait of a more
balanced and nutritious diet.

The Sonata of Mindful Eating

In your culinary symphony, identify moments when your dietary choices take an unwarranted detour. For many, these wayward paths emerge during episodes of mindless snacking, often in the presence of screens or amid work engagements.

Here’s how to bring harmony to this culinary

Distraction-Free Dining

Banish screens and distractions when dining, allowing you to engage in a sensory serenade with your food.

Savor the Symphony

Pay heed to the rich textures, aromas, and flavors of your meal. Eating slowly orchestrates your path to recognizing the sweet notes of satiety. By identifying and addressing these culinary discordance, you elevate your dietary performance to
new heights.

The Ballad of Cheat Meals

cheat meals- eating whatever you like

In your dietary ballad, allow room for occasional cheat meals or delectable treats. While 80% of your dietary score should sing praises to healthier choices, let the remaining 20% resonate with the beloved indulgences that make life flavorful. This balanced approach enables you to remain in tune with your dietary goals without feeling deprived.


So, dear readers, as we wrap up our culinary exploration guided by the Pareto Principle, remember Raj and Durga’s encounter amidst the savory street food. In a nation celebrated for its diverse cuisine, this principle empowers you to strike a harmonious balance between indulgence and dietary discipline.
In the hustle and bustle of life, allow the 80/20 rule to be your compass, leading you to make informed choices that preserve your well-being while savoring the vibrant flavors of India. As you journey through the tantalizing tastes of this land, let Raj’s story inspire you, proving that it’s possible to relish every bite
while upholding your commitment to a healthier you.
“Embrace the 80-20 rule in every aspect of your life, but to truly thrive and find happiness, give it your
all, aiming for that 100%”.

guild free eating

In the end, it’s all about remembering to smile.

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  1. Ah… Birthdays🎉
    Happy birthday, Devang. bestest wishes and richest blessings your way, dear child. 🎉🤍🙏

    a great share again.
    very informative and the titles/headings… so interesting.

  2. Happy Birthday once more 😊

    The 80/20 rule is absolutely the best way to eat. It’s all about balance. You can enjoy the foods you like but you also eat healthy majority of the time so there’s no harm or minimal harm to your body.

  3. Happy birthday, Devang! This 80/20 rule your brother mentions sounds interesting. So if I eat 3 meals and 2 snacks a day, one snack could be less healthy and my nutrition would stay on track? Is that correct?

    • That’s not always necessary

      Our main focus is eat healthy for the most of the time.
      Now, for instance you are eating healthy through out the day and tracking the calories

      now if you want to eat something, let’s say pizza. You can have it, as you are tracking your calories and you know how much you can consume to maintain.

      This plan works on maintaining. Ideally, that’s the only way to understand it.

      Here’s what I do.

      If I am eating healthy and I had a meal, that is high is calorie, let’s say icecreme or snacks, then I skip a meal completely. That way I stay in balance.

      Now, if you have eaten something high in calories for the lunch, then you can either skip other meals, or eat something less.

      For example, if you know you want to attend and party and there you will be eating something heavy, then, you can skip meals before dinner and that way you can balance. Or you can eat something very light, like cucumber, fruits, tomatoes, etc, so that you still have sufficient calories with you to spoil your diet.

      It need not be always 80-20. It can be 90-10
      it can be 60-40. You have to decide how healthy you want it to be.

  4. Love the titles given to each paragraph with a thorough guide for following the 80/20 rule. Thanks for sharing this, DU.
    Belated Happy Birthday 🎂🎈

  5. The 80/20 rule seems as a harmonious balance between enjoyment and dietary discipline. Thanks for sharing . Headings are very interesting.

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  7. Great post!! Very poetically written.
    I’m glad I’m a huge berries fan…good antioxidants! I started adding beans to my rice, which I love and everyone else in my family hates. But I make the rice, and that’s what they eat. When the kids were small, like 2 and 3, I told them legumes were chocolate disks. They ate it wondering why it didn’t taste like chocolate.

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