Things I want to continue doing even after 30

So, recently, I turned 30 years old (October 1st), and this is the post about things I want to continue doing even after 30.

Some people consider turning 30 a big deal because, according to some you are no longer young, and you are getting old. “I used to think that way, but now that I’m officially 30, I don’t see it that way because it’s just a number

Here are some things that I want to keep doing for the rest of my life.

After 30 I want to continue eating healthy

This is something people just ignore. Children, and people in their 20s, generally have a habit of eating unhealthy. They eat a lot of unhealthy food, because 1: It tastes good, 2: It’s easily available, 3: It’s convenient.

You will see a lot of kids and ‘young people’ at such outlets and streets, and they enjoy such food, but such food is ruining their health. People are getting heart attack at the young age of 15. Many wonders why this happens, but one of the main reason is due to the food that we eat. Such food increases LDL (bad cholesterol), and sugary content like soft drinks, energy drinks, and desserts leads to blood sugar levels hikes. Then one thing leads to another, and results are usually fatal.

Young people or children don’t understand this, because bad food doesn’t harm them immediately. Nowadays, many young people complain of stomach issues and breathing trouble, but these things didn’t emerge suddenly, these are all related to bad eating habits.

I haven’t eaten anything from outside since COVID. And during these 3–4 years, I realized that these easy foods are doing me more bad than any good. I prefer home-cooked meals, I prefer food which I can tell how it is made, what is used in it. I prefer food that can actually help my body and help me live better. This is why I want to continue eating healthy even after 30.

After 30 I want to continue doing exercise

When you say words like exercise or workout, people automatically assume that it has to be lifting heavy dumbbells at gyms and killing yourself on the treadmill. But, exercise or a workout means a lot more.

Exercise could be any kind of physical activity, it could be Yoga, dance, walking, running, swimming, sports, or anything that is helping you burn some calories.

I started going to the gym in 2016, and lost weight several times, but was never serious about it. This time I’ve lost 28 kg. This time this weight loss is helping me a lot more, it has unlocked my potential. When I was 104 kg, I thought I was getting slow due to age, but now at 78 kg, I can say I never felt like this before. Even when I was 22 years old, I never had this much stamina. Weight loss has helped me realize my potential.

Not everyone may need to lose weight, but everyone should do some kind of workout (as per their interests). The workout helps in managing cholesterol, keeping blood sugar levels in control, keeping the heart, lungs, brain healthy, helping manage stress and, improving immunity, and even providing us with some extra endurance, strength, and capacity.

With age, I may not be able to do what I was doing before, because I need to take care of my joints and bones, but I want to continue doing some form of workout even after 30.

After 30 I want to continue to read books

I wish I had started this sooner. I was never an avid reader. I used to read stuff online, but that’s it. I started reading novels in 2016 because I was preparing for some exams back then but stopped doing it soon after. Last year, I started reading books again, and currently, I am reading a lot.

This beautiful habit has improved my mental health a lot. It gave me peace and at the same time, it has helped me with lots of fresh ideas. Not many people of age below 30 like to read. They are more glued to their phone or devices. It may sound cool for some time, but I feel these devices are making us more empty from the inside.

People are consuming a lot of unwanted stuff and this is filling their brain with some negative thoughts. Endless scrolling on the internet is not only affecting brain health but also giving people insomnia, depression, and lethargy.

A simple habit like book reading can help people make some healthy boundaries with their devices and can even improve mental health. I want to continue reading more books even after 30.

After 30 I want to continue reading books for my mental health
I’ve read a few of them already; the rest I’ll be reading in October. There will be 3 more to this list. I’m busy.

After 30 I want to continue living by some principle

When people are young they don’t know about some basic ethics, they don’t want rules, and they don’t have any specific preferences. I don’t know how many of you will agree with me on this, but with age, you start living by some rules, and you want to continue doing that.

I never had many rules for myself, but with time I started making a few, and these are for my own good or maybe because I want them to define me. For example, in India, people love to ride on the wrong side of the road, or speed to look cool. But these are against my principles because I don’t want to jeopardize my and other’s safety.

I don’t use my phone after 9 p.m. and certainly don’t want to talk to anyone after that point. This rule is simple, as I want to prioritize myself at that time. Or I prefer making very few friends because I don’t want too many people in my life, and I certainly don’t want others to expect much from me.

I have a few more rules like waking up early and sleeping at the same time daily, and I want to keep making new rules. These rules will define me, and I want to continue doing that after 30.

After 30 I want to continue blogging

I am relatively new to this world of blogging. I used to publish 8-9 blog posts in a month, but now I am down to 4-5, or even 3 sometimes. September was busy for me. I had to work on 3 review articles, and those are not my style. I enjoy writing health and wellness-related stuff, and I want to continue doing that.

I am now comfortable writing lengthy blog posts. I want to keep giving new content and keep trying new styles. I am not sure if many people care to read my stuff or if I have shared anything specific, but I want to continue writing even after 30.

I am also willing to work for other sites, let me know in the comments if you have any desire for health and wellness-related content on your blog.

Before I end this, I want to share a pic of this 30-year-old guy, who doesn’t look 30 at all, people at the gym think that I’m 25 or something, while I do feel 22. This is my new Bike, I got it 4 days before my birthday (due to some auspicious reason).

Yamaha Fz-s v4
Yes Yamaha!!

I believe realizing a few things at the right age and applying them for the rest of the life is the secret mantra to living better. Like I will be following these things to live better, happier, and healthier, I want other people who are below 30 to identify things that mean something to them.

In the comments, you can tell me when is your birthday and tell me what are a few things that you like to follow (other than FGW, off course).


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  1. Happy belated birthday! I’m 37, and I’ve actually really enjoyed my thirties. I feel more settled and confident, and less obligated to do things I don’t enjoy. It’s not been a bad decade so far at all. 🙂

  2. A very happy belated birthday 🥳

    I’m really glad that you take care of yourself and your health. Not enough people do that and many of the diseases that are common these days are related to unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits. You have very strong willpower and are seeking the benefits of your hard work.

    • I was thinking that many disease like hypertension, diabetes (certain type), digestive disorder and other starts a some point.
      We need to understand that point and take preventive measure there itself.

      I wish to live healthy and I aim to share that with others.

      I am looking forward to learn more about blogging from you.

      I don’t think there will be WP after 50 years, but I want to keep learning from you.

  3. Inspiring words, Devang.
    was lovely to read and glad you shared these positives on age… but a number they say as you prove it true. best wishes.

  4. Like I have said before in my comments, your fitness journey is truly inspiring, DU. Looking cool DUde on the bike 👌 May all your wishes, dreams, goals get fulfilled and you stay healthy always. God bless you. 🙏

      • I am doing good. Thanks a lot for the link. Ideally, I should have got a notification about any link from WP; don’t know what happened there. Thanks again, DU.
        Stay cool, stay healthy!

      • I don’t know either
        Maybe went to spam 🤷🏻‍♂️

        I used the link for “Dance”

        If I’m not wrong you’ve also talked about Yoga several times.

      • Yes, I do talk about yoga in specific posts.
        Anyway, maybe it was just a one-time tech glitch or maybe I missed it bcoz my blogging frequency has lowered since August.
        Thanks again for the link, DU. ✌️

  5. Wish you very happy belated birthday . Beautiful post . Your resolve to stick to personal principles sets a good example for readers of any age, highlighting that integrity should never have an age cap.

  6. Dear Devang,
    Belated Happy Happy Birthday.
    I hope you enjoyed your day with your loved ones and your new bike. You look happy young man who has wisdom inside.

    And my birthday is on 2nd September.

    Well-said, “Realizing a few things at the right age and applying them for the rest of the life is the secret mantra to living better”…

    Being 30 is amazing, but being 40 is more amazing. You’ll understand when you’ll become that old. Age is just a number to me, and I do not feel above 25 ever. It’s a beautiful feeling. And I feel that no matter how old we become, each and everyone of us are still stuck in our twenties. I feel that specially when I see my parents. However, the phase that we pass in our twenties remain forever young in our mind.

    However, I loved what you’ll continue doing even after 30.
    All these are my favourite goals as well –
    eating healthy
    doing exercise
    reading books
    living by some principles

    My son has come home, and I was just sharing your post to him and telling him about you. He exclaimed, ‘Ma, you’ve such a good community in WordPress also.’ I smiled and told him, ‘Yes, Alhamdulillah’
    I’ll definitely share the post with my children and others. My daughter will have few years to become 30 and she’s married, MashaAllah and my son has some more years to become 30. They will love this post as much as I do. My daughter is an avid reader. But my son is not. Though I encourage him a lot to read this book and that. He reads but not with such enthusiasm. I really hope and pray when he’ll read the part of your story he’ll feel a bit motivated.

    It’s good to know that you’re reading A Thousand Splendid Suns. I loved that.
    “One could not count the moons that shimmer on her roofs, Or the thousand splendid suns that hide behind her walls.”

    Khaled Husseini is one of my the most fav writer. Have you read Kite Runner?

    Lastly, I observed that you didn’t write your tagline at the end of your post, let me write for you…

    ‘Until then, remember to Smile.’

    • How old are you and your children then?
      You are scaring me

      must be a vampire, because you don’t look above 30.

      Kite runner, I’ve heard it’s much more heartbreaking. This book gave me goosebumps, it was well written but painful.
      This was reality and rn similar thing is happening in Afghanistan.

      I did used “SHINE” in the end

      • Ha ha 🤣
        Don’t be scared. I’m no vampire 🧛‍♀️ I’m just a young girl and my children are the young adults 😃

        Yes, Kite Runner is heartbreaking. I experienced emotional trauma while reading it, but I have a beautiful memory with it. It is one of the best read you can ever have, and a must read for any book reader, like I would suggest Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist as well.

        Love your taglines …

        ✨ 😊 🤲

      • Hello Devang,
        How’re you?

        I think you’ve taken a deep dive in reading these days …

        However, I hope and pray all things are going fine for you and your family.

  7. Happy Birthday DevU! So long twenties! 😁 Everything about this post made me smile, including your photo. Way to usher in a new decade! 👏🏻🎉

  8. Yeah, on the issue of unhealthy eating habits, it’s really concerning that in our society, we have young kids developing health issues due to such unhealthy eating habits.

  9. Happy belated birthday, D 💞💞💞 What a fabulous post filled with wonderful advice on crafting and following rules tailored to your best interests! May the next 30 years and more find you happier and healthier than every year before. 💞

  10. Happy belated birthday!! 30s is a great decade and you’re just getting started.
    Great principles to have for a fulfilling, productive, healthy, and happy life!
    Wishing you a fabulous year and safe riding on your new bike! 🙂

  11. Hi, Devang, enjoy your thirties! When I was young, I considered what the best age might be and if I could be that age forever. I decided thirty would be the best age, young enough for all physical activities, and old enough to be taken seriously! I am now 74 with a child of 54 and two children in their early thirties. I believe there are joys at every age. Continue to take good care of yourself, and enjoy a long, happy life! <3

    • I feel maybe 30s is good!
      Like I do have energy.
      Like I never experienced this energy when I was in 20s, maybe due to weight and my lifestyle choices.

      I may also be getting old, as sometimes I feel pain in some parts.
      Overall it’s good. Let’s see

      Thanks a lot for your precious time on my blog 🙏🏼
      Best wishes for the book

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