Back are stubborn but can be fixed with care

How To Get Rid Of Back Ache?

Back ache are very stubborn, they appear all of a sudden and don’t want to go away. But today, we won’t tolerate that stubborn back ache.

We will first find out why we are having back pain, and then look for some easy solution for that.

Keep reading as you may find a way to get rid of the back ache

Back anatomy

Why do I have a back ache?

There are multiple reasons for that. We won’t be discussing medical reasons like Osteoporosis, a condition where bones get fractured easily. Herniated Discs where the discs between the vertebrae can rupture or bulge, pressing on nerves and causing pain. Or, Arthritis, which is joint inflammation, that may cause non-stop pain.

We will discuss some common things that we may be doing in day to day or something that involves our lifestyle.

Poor sitting posture

I am sure many people are doing this inadvertently. They just don’t know how they are sitting, and they are putting unnecessary pressure on their back.

That involves slouching, looking down at the phone for too long, sitting awkwardly in a chair, or just resting in bed with a pillow under the neck and staring at the phone or anything else continuously.

Back ache can occur due to slouching

Imagine your back is like a straight cucumber, what will happen if you keep the continued pressure on the top of it? It may break. Your back will not break, but it can cause terrible back ache or even cause some serious issues like spinal cord injury.

People slouch a lot. They think that it’s relaxing, and it’s giving their back some rest. But in reality, it’s straining the backbone.

Extended sitting hours

Sometimes we have to do some work, and we forget to take a break, that not only affect our mental health but also our back. Long sitting hours can indeed give back aches. It’s like you have given a timeout to a child and he/she just has to be there forever. He/she may get bored and may even regret it. But, your back can’t do that.

This can cause back ache. Now, I am not sure if you are able to finish the deadline or not, but you may get a back ache, if you don’t remember to take a break.

Wrong sitting/sleeping place

This is another reason why you can have back pain. Sometimes, the wrong chair or mattress can give you a back ache. There are people who have desk jobs, they have to sit continuously for hours. A wrong chair, not only means wrong sitting posture, but it could also lead to a back ache.

Then, when you are sleeping, the wrong mattress and pillow can give you back pain. A mattress that is too firm can cause discomfort, just like a soft mattress can harm your sleeping posture.

Lifting heavy

Those who go to the gym, know that heavy lifts can affect the back if not done with safety. I too once had a backache due to a certain exercise. I stopped doing it. But, there are people who don’t go to the gym and have no experience of lifting heavy, yet they attempt to lift heavy.

Back pain can occur due to lifting in wrong manner

Like they try to lift an LPG cylinder (which is common in India) or just a kid, who looks light, but now that you have attempted you have to go with it because it’s about your pride.

Such acts of bravery can give you a back ache. Back pain can even happen if you know are aware of the weight, yet you lift it in the wrong way.

Unnecessary stretching

Some people have a habit of stretching or popping their back and when they hear a pop/crack, they get satisfied.

Like when people are sitting in a chair, they get up and stretch without any proper knowledge, and then they hear a crack, they think that they have taken out the stress from their back.

Stretching may not always help
Rest in peace, Mr. BING

To make matters worse, they even get their inexperienced friends or partners and ask them to stand on top of them or walk over them. I know it may sound funny, but I’ve seen people doing it.

There are some people who just do some random stretching and think that they are doing a favor on their back. While, in reality, they are creating more pain for themselves.


Lifestyle, like the way of living, the food that we eat, or our weight can also cause pain in the back. Being overweight can put unwanted stress on the back.

Not consuming nutrients like calcium and vitamin D can also cause discomfort in the back.

Inflammation can also cause back pain. It can happen due to heavy consumption of foods like Ultra-processed foods and even sugar. Not drinking adequate water can cause backache as well.

Other things like excessive uric acid and kidney stones can also cause pain in the back. These factors are also dependent on our lifestyle.

How to get rid of that backache?

First, you need to identify what is causing you a back ache. If it’s due to a medical condition, then I won’t advise you to follow any of these things and strictly consult a doctor.

If you know that the back is happening due to your activity, then you can try these things:

Apply cold-hot pad

Both of these work differently. You need to know what is your need

Cold pad or cold therapy is for muscle strain/sprain. It reduces inflammation, numbs the area of application, and constricts blood vessels. It overall helps in reducing swelling.

While a Hot pad or Hot therapy is beneficial for muscle stiffness. It increases blood flow, relaxes muscles, and reduces stiffness. Pain-relieving patches can also be helpful sometimes.

People generally take steam after a workout as it reduces stiffness.

Fix your chair and mattress

Your chair should be comfortable. It should have a backrest. It should not be a dancing chair, it should not be a bean bag, because that can give a backache too after prolonged seating.

Your mattress and pillow should be comfortable. No advertisement or person can tell you about your preference. You may need something on which you are comfortable for longer hours. An old mattress can lose its firmness and could be uneven. Replace that.

Take frequent breaks

You need to keep reminding yourself to take frequent breaks from work. It will not only support your back but also your overall health.

If you can, then go for a short walk, or just move around. Personally, I have been experiencing less back pain ever since I started walking during short breaks. Not everyone can do that, but at least try standing for a while.

Stretching the right way

If done properly, and with patience, then stretching can be very helpful. First, we need to learn how to stretch properly. Stretching cannot be done at any time. It’s no magic, and it certainly doesn’t guarantee relief.

However, if you include it in your routine, then you can release some tension from your back.

Before and after workouts, we also need to stretch. There’s a difference in both the stretches, which I will explain some other day. But before a workout, we prepare the muscles and after a workout, we relax them.

Stretching should be done calmly, the better it is, the more beneficial it can be.

I’ve shared links to my old blog post. I invite you to check them.

The food you eat

The food you eat also decides your back health. Your diet should be high in fruits, veggies, healthy fats, whole grains, and food that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids like chia seeds, flax seeds, olive oil, walnuts, eggs, etc.

Caffeine and alcohol can contribute to dehydration, Discs between the vertebrae require water to maintain their flexibility and shock-absorbing properties. So drink sufficient water.

Your diet should include vitamin D and calcium. A diet lacking in these nutrients may contribute to conditions like osteoporosis, which can affect the spine.

And with healthy food, include an exercise routine as well.


Sometimes we suffer due to our actions, and today we have learned just that. Back ache can be fixed at a minor level if we stay aware and educated.

The above mentioned things don’t guarantee that they will fix the stubborn pain in the back, but they can give some relief. It is still advisable to consult a health professional before experimenting with anything new.

Drop comments if you have trouble with the back, or just drop comment if you missed me.

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Until next time, KEEP SMILING.

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  1. Wanted to take the time to write a proper response to this post. It really got my attention … I recognise some of the points you make – sitting up straight as I read your words 😁.

    I’ve been hunched over a laptop for days, nay weeks with work. I didnt finish until 2.30am on Saturday night. I try to have breaks, but don’t always manage it and I have to admit to feeling really stiff and achy. The point that really surprised me were your comments about diet, but what am I surprised since a healthy diet can impact on just about every other aspect of our health.

    Thanks for the shove I needed, and some new ideas

  2. Hello friend! 🌸 Thank you for the informational post and tips. Lol this post reminded me to sit up straight right now, I have a habit of slightly hunching over and looking like a shrimp 🦐 I need to have better posture.

    All the tips you mentioned are very helpful in getting rid of back aches. Thankfully, I don’t have them very often. πŸ™‚

      • It has been forever! I miss you and your posts ☺️ I’m doing okay, kinda been stressed lately due to procrastinating. I have a lot of assignments I need to catch up on, so tonight I will be up working on them. πŸ˜… Other than that, I’m fine. 🌷

        How are you? Hope you’ve been well, sending you hugs always! πŸ€—β€οΈ

      • Aww taking stress won’t magically completely your assignments, so please don’t take stress.
        Take good care of your physical and mental health. 😍

        Hope to see you soon here


  3. informative and helpful too.. thanks for sharing, Devang.
    will be working through these points… those back aches can be a nightmare.

    (as added at the end of your post… this one did not show on my reader as your other posts normally do.)

  4. Hey, what a great article! You have amazing articles, but I really like this one.

    I watched this cartoon named regular show and they said to lift a heavy object, lift with the knees and not the back so the back won’t be strained. I thought that was interesting (bc it was another filler episode).

    Anyway, thank you for posting.

  5. I have been suffering from back ache whenever I’m working long hours. I’m sure it’s about the posture I sit on my chair. Only few days ago I was telling my friend about this and she told me to check my vitamin D levels…. 😳

    It’s always great to read your post. Very informative.

    Thank you Devang.
    Yes, smiling always …. πŸ™‚

  6. Informative Devang.
    I had suffered 3 strikes of neck and back ache due to wrong posture.
    My day irrespective of anything starts with a 10 mins neck amd back exercise without which I become very prone to relapse.
    I always maintain laptop screen I eyesight straight line and take breaks every 30mins.
    The silliest things is that unless this problem strikes one damned day you think “it will never happen to me”

  7. Great Tips D..
    I also always ask about emotions. Like do you feel like someone has your back or doesn’t?
    Guilt is centered in the back in reiki. Just a bit to think about πŸ’•

  8. So many reasons for the body to send distress signals (pain) and we don’t always connect the dots! Thanks so much for the overview, D! πŸ’ž

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