What is the most amazing exercise?

Today, FGW will finally be talking about workout. It’s been forever since I’ve written about something that comes in the name of my site itself.

We will discuss the most amazing exercise today. It’s something you are familiar with and most of you do it on a regular basis. We will then learn some of its benefits, and how much is good for you to stay healthy, and for the first time ever I’ll be sharing an interactive activity and nominating some bloggers directly.

Let’s not waste time here, let’s get healthy

The most amazing exercise-Walking

So walking is the most amazing exercise. Were you expecting that? I guess you were thinking I will promote some high intensity workout that can help you burn extra calories. But I want to discuss how amazing walking could be for you.

Walking is a great low intensity exercise, it’s great for people who never went to the gym (and not planing to), it’s great for people who want to start but don’t know how, and certainly, it’s great for those who wants to avoid any injury while trying something outrageous.

But, just because it’s low intensity, doesn’t make it low impact. Walking is a powerful exercise and if done regularly, it can show positive results towards heart health, lungs, brain, mental health, diabetes, blood pressure and more.

Walking as exercise

To use walking as an exercise, we need to follow certain things. I know most of the people do walk a lot, but some additional things can increase the benefits we can get from it.

First, you need to understand how much time can you give. Numerous studies suggest that a duration of 10 to 70 minutes can be beneficial. We also need to see at what time are we walking. For example, walking in the morning has different effects on the body compared to walking after dinner.

Research suggests that walking increases creative output by 80%. An early morning walk in nature is good for giving you some ideas.

For beginners who never saw walking as an exercise and are new to any kind of routine, 10 mins of morning walk is more than enough. Some research suggest that people who walk 10 mins a day in the morning are 43% less likely to get sick and even if they get sick they will have milder symptoms.

Similarly, an early morning walk improves metabolism and helps in keeping the heart healthy. While walking after the dinner, helps in good sleep and improves digestion. However, if you walk throughout the day and sit less, then walking can even help you lose weight.

By walking for just 10 minutes, you can burn 50 calories. But, that will depend on the number of steps per minute, your walking pace, other factors like your body weight, etc.

Some people think that to lose weight they need intense cardio or rigorous training session, but this cost effective method can help you lose weight smoothly.

Every step matter

How much you are walking is also very important. There are various studies that say daily 10,000 steps is essential. 10,000 steps are linked to 50% reduced risk of dementia of and let’s not ignore that it can help in weight loss as well. However, 10,000 steps is not for everyone.

We should not ignore the fact that even 7000 steps or 4000 steps can be beneficial to our health. Like even 4000 steps is linked to longevity. So no matter how much or how less are you walking, you are getting something out of it.

Even how long you walk will also mean something, like 12 mins walk according to the Iowa state university can be a great mood booster. Studies have shown that stress hormone are significantly reduced just after 20 mins of walk and this could lead to better mood.

But, again that’s just a number, as I said anything from 10 to 70 mins could be beneficial.

Walking vs other forms of exercise

I need to stress this a bit more that walking could be way easier and relaxing than other forms of exercises. Like this is something we are doing since we were 1 year old (even younger in many cases), this is not extreme and this is very easy to get into.

When you join gym, or yoga classes or dance classes, you need to learn that thing first in order to perform it, while walking is something you already know.

Other forms of exercise could be injury prone, like if you don’t work out at gym properly, you may injure yourself. Or you may need additional equipments like cycling requires a cycle.

So walking becomes easy to do and a favorite as it is less stressful, and more convenient.

Walking can also be used as a recovery from other forms of exercise. Walking enhance blood flow, improves recovery and help in muscle soreness (a little bit).

Important things to remember

I am suggesting walking as an exercise, and you have read above how useful it could be. But, we need to remember few things before using it as workout.

β‡Ύ First, make sure your shoes are proper for walking, It should not be too loose, too tight. It should be appropriate for walking/running. A formal shoes won’t do; sandals/slippers could hurt heels after a long walk. So make sure you invest in good quality shoes.

Bare foot walking will allow you to absorb energy from earth more properly. It even improves eyesight if done early morning on grass.

β‡Ύ Before and after walking, we need to stretch, like we should do after every workout routine. Before walking, give time to dynamic stretching that could include swinging of arms, shoulder rotation, leg swing. After a walk, stretch your back with cobra pose, child pose. Do some quad stretch, hamstring stretch, etc.

A warm-up routine, can get the blood flowing, prepare the muscle and circulate oxygen, while a cool down routine will make muscles relaxed and even protect bones.

β‡Ύ Movement of arms matters too. Each of the arms should be in motion to opposite legs. The movement should not be too much. It should be natural. Shoulder should not be loose.

You can test by yourself, how effectivity you can walk with the help of arm swinging and locked arms.

β‡Ύ Hydration during and after the walk is essential too. If you are walking for 10 mins, you may not need to drink water, however if you are walking for more than an hour or brisk walking, you may need to hydrate.

Honestly, I’m no expert at this, but the straight thing is you will not get dehydrated immediately as walking is not that demanding like a HIIT session or running.

-> Beginners need not strain themselves with walking as exercise, they can just march at one place, then slowly add distance and time to it.

Even you can walk throughout the day, that will keep you active, and I personally feel that walking has improved my backache from full day sitting.

Walking an interactive activity

So this is where the fun begins. You must be thinking that you can just read it and drop comments, nah nah, I want more from you. I want you to participate in the walking challenge. In this, you need to walk 5000 steps a day and track them for a week. So that’s 35000 steps a week, it’s up to you, how you do it.

I will be mentioning some blogger, and you are supposed to walk 5000 steps a day, if you are already doing that much, then great, still track it for me. Then write a separate blog post about how you feel. This will earn you a great physical and mental health (and me a free shoutout).

I want to nominate (not in order of likability):

Pooja G- Lifesfinestblogger

Rebecca Cuningham- Hola!!

Milena Alien- The strict teacher

Vanya Wryter Consulting- The lovely writer

Cindy Georgakas- The newest granny in town

Destiny- Prompt queen

Ranjana- Strong and fit

Roksana Amelia- Hashi khushi

Brenda H – Curious at castle and drinks coffee

EEE- Charizard

Dawn- Coffee in the morning

Michele Lee- Sweet voice

Now that you can see your name, you cannot ignore. For those who ignore this, I’ll spam their comment box for a month.

Here’s your homework. Please fill it and submit it after a week (Start from the next day you read this post)

Walking as exercise. Track your steps

We can see how beneficial walking can be. It’s a great workout for all ages and suitable for various people.

In the comments, tell me if you are willing to use walking as exercise and if you are already doing it, can you level it up?

Until next time, keep smiling.

58 responses to “What is the most amazing exercise?”

  1. Devang!!!!!
    I don’t even walk except around the classroom 🀭🀣you asking for count for morning, noon, evening and night…. who walks at night.. We sleep 🀣

    seriously, a great read yet again. πŸ€πŸ™

    (will try, dear child)

  2. A very good blog! I love to walk but, of late I find it difficult. I live in Texas and the weather here has been hot. Now that the weather is better I find that walking in my neighborhood is difficult. We don’t have sidewalks. I will find a way…you have inspired me. Thank you!

    • Hey, thanks for reading

      You can always find interactive ways to walk or add extra steps to your day.

      Like park the car a bit further from the place you want to be. Instead of elevator, go for stairs if possible.
      Walk and talk, like whenever on phone call, you can walk around, even if it’s in circles.
      And if not these, then you just march at one place.

      I have heard that heat is too much in the states, I suggest you to try evening walks, or after a meal.

      And now that heat is too much, make sure you hydrate. πŸ™‚
      I invite you in the walking challenge, where you have to track your steps for a week, let’s aim 5k steps πŸšΆπŸ»β€β™€οΈ

  3. Hey Devang. I was going to comment even if you didn’t mention me. Walking is good exercise, especially for people with a heavy work schedule. Often I take a break from work and walk around the house, sometimes fast and sometimes slow, to take a break from staring at the computer screen. Sometimes I do other in-place exercises to avoid sitting all day. When I run errands, I sometimes walk around the store more than I need to just for the movement.

    • You know my back was hurting due to extended sitting and computer viewing.

      I found a restroom, that’s a little far from my office. Like 10 mins( going and coming). That made me walk, and it helped my back a lot.

      Now that you already walking, can you please also track it?

      • My restroom is not far from my desk. For a 10 minute walk to the restroom, I need a bigger house. Haha.
        Oh goodness, the thought of tracking my steps is too stressful. I’m happy to walk when I can and that is enough. If I track steps, it will be like work and it won’t be fun anymore. (For context, I manage projects – I don’t need more things to track. 😊)

  4. Great post, Devang. πŸ₯° Walking is great exercise and has so many benefits!! πŸ’— Thank you for sharing all of these useful facts. I’ve been really slacking in my exercising lately. I think I might ease into it by consistently working on my walking πŸ™‚ I need to increase my steps.

  5. I have been a walker since my knee replacement surgery almost 12 years ago. I find out too be the best form of exercise for me

  6. Healthy community building. Bravo you! 🚢🏻 What I most appreciate about walking is its accessibility for (most) levels. It is a great way to see nature, especially with a camera in hand. πŸ“· That involves many stops. 😁 For exercise I prefer dance and bike riding. Thank you for including me in your post – a sweet surprise! πŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜Š

  7. I walk 6500 steps a day but trying to increase it to 10k a day because I don’t do much other exercise other than yoga. And like you said, walking is an amazing form of exercise. Will write a post about it when I have time, thanks for including me in your nominations 😊

    • I thought of making it upto 10k
      But I then, for some it could be tough. Like there could be many restrictions.
      Wah, I didn’t know you walk that much. I picture you as someone very busy with all the blogging, clients, social media management, etc.
      I didn’t know you are able to find time to walk that much throughout the day.

      I seriously want to know more about your daily routine again, I know there are many posts
      But I don’t remember that you mentioned walking and yoga in that.( i know you do yoga, but then what you do). Sorry if it sounds intrusive πŸ™πŸΌ

      Maybe you could make it a post like ” A typical day of lifesfinestblogger ( use that word okay, let’s make it a thing ) 😊

      • I walk while working sometimes lol πŸ˜… I’m busy but we have to make time for our health too. Yeah, 10k is a lot to also start doing randomly. You need to build up to it. I started with 3k then 4k then 5k then 6k and now 6.5k and soon 7k.

        It’s funny you say that as I am working on a “Day In My Life” post and YT video. I think it’ll be fun. I just do very basic yoga stretches and stuff. Nothing too difficult.

      • Cool will be waiting

        Add that nothing too difficult yoga too ☺️
        It can give a message how basic things can show significant results.
        As stretches helps in relaxing, and is good for mental health 😁

  8. Hey D!

    It’s a good day… I was able to walk right into your great post easily!!!
    That’s a huge win for me!
    And to see the sweet mention!!! I’m blushing thanks!!!

    Walking is my Go To!
    Life’s not complete without my daily walk!!
    Most days I clock in at 10,000- 12,000 steps.
    All good but I’ve gotta get back to my weights.
    I always stretch and do yoga and tai chi & meditation -:)

    Great post!!!!
    Good shoes are a must!!

    • 10-12 k is a huge win actually!!!
      If you are doing that regularly, you may not need to track I guess πŸ™‚

      However you can still work on a post about explaining how yoga, tai chi and walking positively impact your life.
      Also, include gardening in that list
      I’m happy to see you here πŸ€—

  9. Good post Devang. As for walking, I agree that it can really help you get into shape. Since I started working my retail job in April I average about 6 to 8 miles walking per day in that store and have lost about 14lbs. Of course doing that amount of walking each day really puts a lot of strain on my injured low back and arthritic feet, and because of my age I end up with more pain. So my advice is just be careful with what you do with your body because as you age everything does get worse.

  10. I walk regularly. Your post gives a good insight. You have talked of walking barefoot. I had read that barefoot walk on green grass is more beneficial, especially to eyes.

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