Winter is here

Winter is already here and it’s time to be prepared so that we can save ourselves from cough & cold, viral and winter allergies.

So today I have come with certain herbs & spices you should try if you want to avoid any of the winter special gifts.

Before I start any further let me remind you of my post “Winter is coming”, in which I had talked about winter food you should try this season. Find some time to read it if you haven’t already Winter is coming!!.

Let’s start with herbs & spices that you should consume daily :


Nutmeg is more popularly known as Jaiphal in India, it has Anti-bacterial properties & helps in boosting the immune system. It can also treat cough & cold.

You can add jaiphal to vegetables while cooking, you can also add a pinch to fruits you are eating or you can simply add it to the milk & drink it. I asked my mother and she uses jaiphal in almost everything, in the food she cooks, in the pickle and the sweets.

Holy Basil

I am sure you must have consumed Basil or Tulsi regularly last year(pandemic year), as it increases immunity. It has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, hence it keeps infections away. Also, it has Vitamin C and Zinc.

The best way to consume Tulse leaves is to chew them daily(4-5 leaves at the best). You can also add it to your tea or you can get tulsi drops, which are equally effective.

Note: Eating too many tulsi leaves has some side effects, so don’t consume too much.


It is also known as Indian ginseng & winter cherry. It is good for keeping the body warm during the winter. It increases immunity by increasing White Blood Cells production.

You can add 1 tablespoon of Ashwagandha powder to milk or water & consume it in the morning/night. You can also have Ashwagandha in tablets form(consult the doctor).


Next, we have cinnamon or Daalchini, which is the most popular ingredient in this list. It is so popular that people challenge other’s to keep the cinnamon powder in the mouth for 60 secs( it’s an old story). Cinnamon is rich in Anti-oxidants, has Anti-inflammatory properties & daily consumption is very good for children and adults.

You can soak cinnamon in water and keep it overnight and drink it on an empty stomach. You can also use cinnamon powder in tea & coffee(just a pinch is sufficient).


Javitri is a more popular name for Mace(not the mace of Lord Hanuman), it is considered as a sister of Jaipal. Javitri is the best home remedy to treat cold & fever. But it is not just a home remedy, According to Ayurveda, Javitri has Anti-allergy, Anti-oxidants, Anti-inflammatory properties that cures flu & allergies.

You can add it to hot milk, or you can also add it to your food. Javitri can also be added to pickle, tea, sauce etc.

Try this :

Note: In this blog, I am only talking about how these herbs & spices help you winter, surely these have other benefits as well, which we shall discuss in future.

Special mention

In my blog “Winter is coming” I mentioned saffron with milk. This time I’m recommending Turmeric with milk. This is a very basic ingredient in the kitchen and you probably use it daily while cooking. You can also add some black pepper and jaggery powder to the milk for additional benefits. This combination will give you warmth and will improve your immunity.

So these were some herbs & spices, which you should consider this winter. Before ending this blog let me tell you that, your immunity will not improve in a day or a week. You may need to consume the above-mentioned herbs & spices daily for good results. With that, you should also consider regular exercise to keep your body and mind fit and active.

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Until next time, stay healthy and enjoy the winters with a smile.

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  1. These herbs and spices are special gifts in our life. You know from the early time India was famous for different spices! Beautiful article 💓🎉well shared 🤗😊 thank you 🙏

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