100 Reps challenge!!

Hi readers, this week I have brought an interesting challenge for you guys. As you see from the title of this blog it’s The 100 Reps challenge.

You may ask what is the 100 Reps challenge? Well, it is an easy challenge, for this you need to do 100 repetitions of any exercise of your choosing and you need to time yourself.

You can pick any exercise of your liking, you just need to be comfortable with that exercise and do it with a proper form. I’m asking you to time yourself because that will make this challenge more interesting. Suppose you are able to do it in 2 mins, then try to beat your own record.

If you are willing to skip ropes 100 times, then go for it. For those who can’t skip (I’m with you), try this Cant do skipping ropes? Try these!!

I want beginners to try this challenge as well, you can walk/run 100 m and time yourself. If you want to do planks, then go for 100 secs or try any of these variant Plank variations for intermediate level

Proper Gym gloves are important, so don’t forget to wear them, if you don’t have it you can get them from here: https://amzn.to/3FZ6h78

Before any workout do not forget to warm-up The most important thing before workout- Warm-Up

After any workout do not forget to stretch Stretch it!!

So I hope you will try this fun challenge, don’t forget to apprise me how it went. You can also tell me the time it took you to do 100 reps and I will try to beat it (if it’s possible).

Until next time, Kindly remember to smile.

22 responses to “100 Reps challenge!!”

    • Which Asana that would be??
      I doubt I can do 100 of that πŸ™‚
      I would like to know more of your workout and your regimen!
      Shall I drop you a mail or something (if its okay with you).

      • Yeah! It’s ok with me.
        I would like to do shavasana. It’s my favourite. πŸ˜‚
        Well, jokes apart. πŸ˜…
        I like to do any asana. But, yoga would be great. 😊

      • Doing shavansana is also an art, not many can do that easily πŸ˜…
        We need to think which Asana you should try for 100 secs or 100 reps.
        Also I would like to know more about your fitness, I can use that info in my future blogs. Do you have any info on your site with which I can get connected with you?

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