Food Combinations that are bad together

Hey, readers and fellow bloggers welcome to my blog. January is almost over and before that happens I decided to drop one more blog for this month, cause there is no limit. Sadly I didn’t participate in Bloganuary, cause it was impossible for me to write a blog each day. Anyway, let me talk a little about this blog.

This blog will tell you some food combinations that are no-no together, which means you should refrain from consuming the following food combinations together. Enough of the introduction, let’s discuss these terrible food combinations.

Don’t mixWithReason
Avoid Milkwith Citrus fruits.It causes milk to coagulates in the stomach, can cause Gas and Heartburn.
Don’t take Fruitswith any other Food.It is an acidic combination and can cause indigestion.
Eggs should be avoided with another Protein Like Meat, Tofu, Cheese, Beans, etc. Eggs and Meat are very hard to digest together, they may give you instant energy but only for a short duration.
Don’t take Alcoholwith Sweets.Alcohol turns sugar into saturated fat & that gets stored in our body.
Water should be avoided with Food.Water dilutes the stomach acids which are essential for the digestion of the food that you have just eaten.
Pizza is badwith Soda.The starch & protein in pizza makes digestion slow and if you put soda in your belly it will make digestion even slower.

So, these were some food combinations that should be avoided together. These food combinations can cause serious health issues and if you are facing any stomach related problem, then possibly these combinations are doing you harm.

Also, I have written a post on things that should be avoided after a meal, if you haven’t read that yet, can you still read it here: What to do (and what not to do) after a meal

For more such info, you can stay connected with me on social media, I am a very friendly creature and would love to hear/read from you. You can also drop comments below and tell me what you liked/disliked about this blog, also feel free to share ideas & topics for my next blogs.

Until next week remember to smile.

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  1. I’ve heard of a few of these tips… as I age I find my digestion slowed down a little. But sometimes I combine foods I know I shouldn’t, for whatever reason. In those cases, I consume a good quality digestive enzyme.

    But it’s better not to combine the foods you know will cause you issues in digestion.

    • Well yeah
      Pizza is bad for blood vessels. I saw some research about it and since then I come to know how bad it is for the body in the long run.
      Anyway, thank you so much for commenting.

  2. I always eat fruits with my food even though I know it’s bad 😛. The combo is just tasty!
    Awesome post, thanks for sharing!
    Also, I replied to your mail (sorry I had missed it yesterday).

  3. This is nice post. Actually, you are doing a great work of making public aware of do’s and don’ts and at the same time, encouraging to stay healthy…. Nice work… Best wishes for your effort… 🙂

  4. This is a nice informative post…never knew fruits can’t be taken with other food…I thought tat helps in digestion…thank you for writing on this…keep penning…the last smile part I liked more😊👍👍

  5. This was a very informative post, and I learned some new and interesting facts from it. Thanks for sharing!

    Honestly, oranges and milk together is a super weird combination. I never even heard of this until I saw a meme of it somewhere 😬😂

  6. Really useful and interesting advice, Devang. Lots of new ideas and facts for me to remember. I had no idea that we shouldn’t take fruit with other food/meals as I often put chopped apricots or a few sultanas or raisins in a curry. It’s a delicious combination but looks like it’s not as good for me as I thought it was. I’m so glad I’ve followed your blog. So much brilliant information. Well done on all your blogging achievements. Keep going. You’re doing a great job. Ellie 🙂

    • Thank you so much for investing your time in my blogs.
      Fruits with meal doesn’t harm at that instance, but in a long run it could give stomach ache, indigestion etc.

  7. Hi Devang. I just posted a detailed comment on this blog but it seems to have disappeared which is very odd. I don’t know if it’s gone to your trash. If you don’t get it, please let me know and I’ll retype it as best I can. Thanks very much, Ellie

    • Thanks for letting me know. Actually it happens with me as well, many comments by me disappears on other’s blog. I have commented on your work, but many of those disappeared. I don’t know if it’s new wp thing or what, cause it’s happening with me a lot. I find it very annoying cause it’s stopping me from interacting with people. Sadly it hasn’t went in spam or trash and disappeared 🤷🏻‍♂️

  8. I’d only heard of a couple of these. Good to know! I will avoid these combinations now. Maybe, I will have a better digestive system.👏 Also, after telling my husband about your blogs and him seeing how mine is helping others, he is considering writing a blog for the first time. I thought you would like to know you have inspired someone.😃

    • Well your blogs always makes me happy and countless other people of Amberland 🙂
      It motivates me to write better.
      It would be great to see your husband’s blogs ,he has a lot to share and I think it would be very knowledgeable. Can’t wait, send my regards 🙏🏼

      • I will. I hope he goes through with it, I think it would be a great outlet for him. You’re doing a great job! 👍👍

      • Blogging is very special experience. When I first started in August last year, I was very incredulous. My first blog was a mess, but I got good support and then I’m learning from fellow bloggers and that’s helping me big time. You let him know how welcoming this community is. Have a wonderful time ahead 🙂🙇🏻‍♂️

      • I started mine in 2015. I had very little traffic for years. I removed some of my older blogs, didn’t like the writing style. I didn’t know how to use tags effectively for a long time. I had 400 followers a few months ago. Now I’m overwhelmed trying to keep up engagement. It’s a learning process for everyone. I will tell him though! Thanks🙏🏻

  9. WOW, very informative and thank you for making the chart! looks like I made couple of the mistakes all the time without noticing😅… I always had eggs with other proteins in the morning😂and that needs to be changed! Thanks for the life saving post!🥳

      • Today I’ve published my 50th blog.
        I will really appreciate if you can read that as well!!
        I’ve shared my thoughts there, it’s also a thank you blog to kind bloggers like you 🙇🏻‍♂️

      • I started last year in August 🙂
        Trust me, it’s huge thing for me that you’ve visited my blog.
        I’m learning from bloggers like you.
        Your dance that I watched yesterday made me very ecstatic and I kept thinking about it. You made my day.

      • In future, I would like to share your dance videos in my blog- only if you allow.
        I’ve shown your dance to few friends and they were really happy.
        I want more indian to see your dance and get inspired to carry on this legacy.
        I would be happy if you could do a blog in future about how it all started.
        Thanks for your time dear friend on my blog. You made me super happy

      • Oh it would be an honour to have you shared my dance with the lovely Indian communities! I’m dancing the ancient dance in the Western world and defying odds. A few of my American colleagues actually criticised me for dancing too femininely and they want something look gender ambiguous 😅

        I’d love to know what my Indian friends think and I’m grateful for your sharing!!🥂

      • As an Indian
        I can say I’m very proud. I think it’s not easy to do this dance form and you do it so gracefully. Don’t listen to criticism, if you are enjoying this, then keep moving forward.
        I can see a passion and joy in your eyes and let nothing stop you.
        I will think of some blog and share your video in that.
        You are amazing Annabel, remember that .
        Also would love to see you dance in tranditional dress and ghungroo. As an Indian I want to thank you for doing it.
        Take care, keep shining

      • oh, what an encouraging and inspiring comment and I thank you for that!🌻 And of course, I will keep dancing and spreading the blessings of Indian dance form. It has given me true joy during some of my darkest days😄.

        Hug a big hug and have a blessed week!🥳

      • Thanks for positivity Annabel!!
        Would love to see more of your dance, keep sharing, you are a beautiful soul.
        Dark days are long gone, it’s time for you to fly high, you are strong and amazing
        Take care and keep smiling 🌻
        Have a peaceful week ahead 😊

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