Seated workout

May has already started and for blog 2nd of this month, I’ve brought a very interesting topic. As you can see from the heading, today we will learn about the Seated workout, which means I will share some exercises that can be done while sitting on the chair itself.

Now the biggest questions are why there is a need for a seated workout? And for whom is this blog for? Right now I can answer the second question. This type of workout is for everyone who is office going, who sits on a chair for hours, who studies nonstop without a break and those who don’t get time to relax. As for the first question, why it is needed? Well after reading this blog you can decide if it’s something you need or not.

Enough of that never-ending intro, let’s first view some of the images made by Devang for this blog:

Try these stretches if you are sitting for a prolonged period.

Workout can be this fun? Didn’t know that!

Don’t rush and be patient (by patient I meant composed and not a sick person).

These 2 exercises need control and stability. Remember your lower body is not supposed to move.

Fat Guy Workout recommends you a steady chair for the squats

There’s a lot more that can be done in the seated workout and I’m leaving the scope for part 2 of this blog in the future. Don’t be shy to do these, it’s for your own good. If others ask you why you are doing workout at the workplace then share this blog with them. Also, I have written a similar interesting blog, check it out: Creative workout ideas( It’s gonna be fun)

Special thanks to Devang Upadhyaya, for making these images. He was super busy with some blog, yet he made these images for me. I want him to keep making such beautiful images for Fat Guy Workout. Although, one thing that I don’t like about him is that he keeps giving unsolicited advice to people and I’ve seen his name on others’ blogs. I mean you are supposed to work for me dude, what’s your name doing on their blogs? Anyway check out his work here: DEVANG UPADHYAYA

That’s it for this blog, But I will soon return with another blog on the 7th or 8th probably (I have to write it before). Till then Keep smiling and keep shining.

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  1. I really need to try these exercises coz after lifting my super heavy school bag my shoulders literally start crying…thanks for sharing them…and I really liked the way you narrated the whole post!

    • You better join gym, so that you get used to lift weights.
      Because bags to halke hone se rahe!!
      Also, I have another blog about stretching called “stretch it” , it could help you a bit. Thanks a ton

  2. Thanks for another handy post, Devang. Sorry, I’ve been unable to read it and reply for a while. As you know, I’m a bit snowed under with family issues, and it’s affecting my concentration. These exercises are brilliant. I will give the upper body ones a go as I spend nearly all my time sitting in my chair (either my armchair or my wheelchair). I’m not able to bend down to reach my toes, though, as I have a condition where my spine can fracture very easily if I turn it. I will, of course, check with my doctor as to whether it’s safe to do the upper body exercises. Thanks for sharing this – and I love your humour in your last couple of paragraphs, too.

    • Belly fat not just need exercise but proper diet. No matter how hard you do, you need proper diet.
      Still there are certain planks variation, crunches, Russian twists etc that can help

  3. Good images, Devang. I like the diversity and clarity about the activity. The font of the exercises is a little hard to distinguish letters on my phone. Good set of stretches.

  4. These are really good exercises. Some days I remember to do these and some days I don’t. I need to set a reminder for them because they do help. πŸ™‚

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