Numbers for a good health

What comes into your mind after reading the heading? Before you think that I will feed you some number for a healthy body, then let me assure you, I don’t have any such idea.

Numbers for good health means, living life by following some rules. These rules are proven to have terrific results on physical and mental health.

With this blog post, we will try to identify what numbers or rules you should follow for a good health .

10 Mins of mindfulness

Being mindful means being aware of the current moment, looking & analyzing one’s own need over everything else. It is about doing things that we never dared to do before.

Mindfulness is also about listening to the heart and ignoring what others are saying. Some people will call it selfish, but actually this is called self-care and self-appreciation.

Practicing mindfulness can help with stress, anxiety, negative emotions, relationships, work stress, overthinking, procrastinating, insomnia, pain and even heart disease.

Majorly, mindfulness is achieved through meditation for at least 10 mins a day. But, it’s not necessary that it’s the only way. Right now, as I’m writing this blog, I call it mindfulness, because I choose to do it and I feel good doing it.

Mindfulness improves health

Similarly, you can do anything you want to do. Just make sure, you find at least 10 mins for that daily. Here are some more ways by which you can practice mindfulness easily.

Why do we need mindfulness

I feel in today’s world, we need it more than ever. Wherever I see, I see people stressed out, people with anger and frustration. They are like a time bomb.

Watching reels, using smartphone may sound amazing to some, but overuse is draining people from inside. I see and hear about kids getting depression, stress and even panic attacks. Young adults are experiencing insomnia, hypertension, stress and even heart diseases.

These things can be avoided if we be mindful for at least 10 mins a day.

I would love to discuss more about bad effects of mobile phone in a separate blog, so stay tuned.


30 Mins of reading

30 Mins of book reading can also be called as another way to mindfulness. Regular book reading not only increase knowledge and vocabulary, but also have benefits like, it alleviates depression, reduces stress, aid in sleep, improves cognitive memory and as discussed in a separate blog by me, it strengthens brain.

Study has shown that 30 mins of daily reading can help you access all these benefits.

Ever since I have included more time to reading, I’m experiencing better a mental health. 30 Mins is just a fancy number, make sure to include this amazing habit in your lifestyle and there’s no limit to what you read and in what language are you reading that.

10 Mins of stretching

Just 10 mins of daily stretching could be really helpful. It improves muscle and bone health, increases flexibility, improves range of motion in the joints, improves performance in physical activity, improves posture, relives stress, and even heal and prevent pain.

I would say, stretching could also be counted as mindfulness as well, because here you are relaxing your mind and focussing on a single thing, which is your body.

150 mins of weekly exercise can support heart health,brain health and improves overall functionality. It can also shoo away hypertension, bad cholesterol and act as a great antidepressant. Make sure to include stretching after every session.


If you are completely new to stretching, then this blog of mine can guide you and get you started. You can stretch in the morning, at the office or just at the end of the day.

120 Mins with nature

A study done on nearly 20,000 people have determined that spending at least 120 mins or 2 hours weekly in/with nature shows positive result on mental health & help in greater sense of well-being.

This study worked positively for all the participants, and they all showed improved focus, relaxed mental state and increased happiness after 2 hours with nature.

You can do anything like go for a walk, a workout session maybe, practice yoga, or how about a nap? 120 mins seems a lot, but I sure that daily 20–30 mins are manageable.

30 Mins of nap

A nap is something that you take during the day. Many people avoid it and even cannot afford to have it. But those who can, should definitely invest time to the nap.

A study has shown that 30 mins of nap improves mood, concentration, alertness, fatigue, memory encoding and makes the person more joyful.

That study also included 10 mins and 60 mins, and no significant improvement were seen for those durations. 30 mins of sleep during the day doesn’t even affect the quality of sleep at night.

3o mins of naps are getting popular, that an Indian startup declared 30 mins nap for its employees.

I understand, it’s not possible for everyone, but if you can find some time to close your eyes for 30 mins during the day, then try it and let me know the results after a week.

30 Plant based food

Plant based foods are rich in phytochemicals, that contains anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. That helps in improving the gut health.

Plant based food are rich in fibers and prebiotics. These supports gut bacteria & results in good gut health.

You will be surprised to know that plant based food not only improves gut health, but also supports heart health, brain health, improves immunity, control blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, prevent cancer and a lot more .

Eating 30 plant based food a week may look like a giant task, but it can be easily done, if you replace junk food, sugar, processed food with fruits and veggies.

A Study released by the American Health Association in March 2021 and conducted by researchers at Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health revealed that eating a balanced amount of fruits and veggies can help us live longer.

30 is just a number, you can easily be innovative and aim for 4–5 veggies a day and at least 3 fruits a day. Your main focus should be on more colorful diet, home-cooked meal and something that can give you all the essential nutrients.

4 Mins of brushing

You must have heard about 2 mins of brushing, twice a day. But, what If I tell you that’s some outdated thing? Well according to a new rule 4 mins of brushing or brushing for more than 180 secs results in 55% more plague removal.

Bad oral hygiene could lead to many serious diseases,including heart disease. But, no need to worry, If you invest good time brushing your teeth, then you’ll be fine.

Want to know more about oral health? Then maybe this blog can help.

In the end

What we have learned today is that with some rules, we can live healthy easily. These 30 mins of mindfulness, 30 mins of book reading, etc. may seem to be overwhelming at once, but these have now become essential.

These things are easy to follow and can be adopted effectively for good results.

That’s it for now…. If you like reading this make sure you subscribe for more and my new blog will automatically be delivered in your mailbox.

If you want to talk to me or want to write a guest blog for me, feel free to reach out.

Oh!!! There will be a next time, but until then remember to smile.

108 responses to “Numbers for a good health”

  1. These are all really great tips, I very much agree with all of them although most days I don’t have enough time to do all these.

  2. these are wonderful reminders, Devang.
    we know them, or some of them I suppose… but to be reminded is always appreciated.

  3. I like stretching and nature walks, yet I find myself not doing it enough. Lately while reading I find myself not paying much attention at all, mindful reading and slow food are the things that I need.

    • As you already know what you want and what needed to be done.

      Please, find some time for them.

      What are possible factors for not focussing on what you read? Your mind is occupied? Or you are stressed out?

  4. Hello brother,
    I’m grateful for receiving this thoughtful blog post from you. It’s writing style and the content it includes, are reflective and interconnected.
    1) I don’t use Social media. But I’m a regular user of YouTube. I watch a lot of videos.
    Reading your blog posts is a better alternative to consuming YouTube content.
    2) Luckily I’m having complete and satisfying sleep in this week. I hope to maintain this routine. And not overlook and overthink unnecessary (I’m aware).
    3) Reading for 30 mins on a regular basis is a good suggestion.
    I like reading in the early morning time.
    4) Because there’s too much heat I’m unable to go on the Evening or the Morning walks.
    I will try to do little stretching as well as meditation ob the hostel ground.
    So I’m already working on the remaining points.
    Thank you again.
    You too take care.
    Stay healthy wealthy and wise.

    • Heyo !

      Try to reduce the screen time. YT could be addictive. Make sure it doesn’t take over.

      Good to know that you slept well. I hope you have a peaceful sleep ahead.

      I like reading in the morning as well
      And at night too. I will throw away my phone now.

      Yes, heat is unbearable. Rn we have a cyclone, so it’s raining incessantly.

      Otherwise if possible try early morning walks like that of 5 am, you will see peace like no other.

      Stretching would be fun, try before bad.
      Especially chest opener, cat-cow, balasana, bhujanga Asana, adho mukha svasasna, etc. Hold for atleast 20 secs

  5. These are great reminders. I’m going to try to implement the 30 minute nap daily. Also, I hope the cyclone and rainy weather dies down out there. 🙏🏼

  6. As always, thank you for the valuable information.
    I have come to realize that even though I may not like to take naps, they must be beneficial, because naps take me; so it shows that I need them at times.

    That’s a new one about the length of time to brush teeth being 4 minutes instead of 2 minutes. Makes sense though!

      • Yes, I feel best when I spend at least an hour outdoors in the garden or walking in a park daily. The phlox plants are trying to take over the world again, or at least our small part of it. Big clump thinning going on; digging and trimming. Eagle and I took a car load of plant matter (weeds) to the city compost today.

      • It’s good that you are getting involved with the nature on a regular basis and teaching your child with you.
        What city compost do with it?

      • I have made compost in the past.

        I was successful.
        The problem is I have less space to make compost, and more waste.

        Otherwise, compost is possible.

        You can even use kitchen waste, eggshells, even bones for the compost

  7. All the points mentioned here, sounds great.
    I will try to implement them in my routine.

    Spending time with nature is the bestest!!!
    Take care, D😊

  8. Wonderful post Devang, I agree with all of the mentioned points. I meditate every day and daily yoga practice, helped me a lot in past few years.
    Thanks for sharing this post 🙂

    • Ohhhh that’s great to know…..

      Would you like to share anything specific as Yoga day is approaching ?

      Do you like reading books? Especially that of recipes, food, etc.

      Thanks a lot for reading 😊

      • For me everyday is a Yoga day 😊. It is such a wonderful exercise not just for your body but mind as well. It is lifestyle and teaches you a lot if you read yoga sutras.
        I do like reading but I am not bookworm kind. I love non-fiction books and I like to collect recipe books as well 🙂.

  9. Excellent post! Mindfulness is the one I’m trying to master the most. I’m usually doing several things at once, and tend to miss out on the present. It would be healthier if I could focus on one things at a time.

  10. Nice list, Devang. Healthy additions to living.🙏🏻Stretching stood out to me because it is often overlooked and it is so important, especially as people get older.

    • Yes…
      It increases bones strength, longevity and improves flexibility.

      Often we get strain in muscle when we do little exercise. Stretching can help us avoid that and make us more active.

      Thanks for reading M, I appreciate it

  11. Excellent post, Devang.👍
    These are definitely easy to follow suggestions. Every small effort counts to build a healthier lifestyle.

  12. As everyone says, Great reminders, Devang. I think I do quite a few. I’ve only recently started reading before bed every night … and I bought 4 new books yesterday … so lots to keep me occupied during the holidays. I may even grab a book and a bottle of water and walk to the local park and sit and read … assuming it’s not raining

  13. An interesting heading …
    But 4 mins brushing? This seemed more interesting… 🙊
    I love mindfulness. You rightly said, ‘Mindfulness is also about listening to the heart and ignoring what others are saying.’
    And writing or painting do that for me …
    I do go to walk. Sometimes swimming. But true, I do not do mindful stretching. Feeling the importance to do that.
    I loved the 30 mins nap idea as well. Though I do not take it regularly. It’s great to know that an Indian startup declared 30 mins nap for its employees. How amazing that is! Yes, many people do not afford it. They need to work work work …. More awareness is required specifically for this.
    I m feeling guilty for escaping this. I love fruits a lot. Love vegetables also.🥕 🥗 🥦 but not 4/5 veg a day. I know this should be maintained – “4–5 veggies a day and at least 3 fruits a day” – great reminder Devang. Thanks 🙏
    In the end, I want to say that you are amazingly talented in motivating your readers. And you write so well that reading your blogposts almost seem like contagious. I mean you’re saying so we need to do this, almost like spell-bound.
    And it’s great to be spellbound to anything that’s beneficial for our physical and mental health.
    Wishing you all the best.

    • Hey thanks

      Try to include stretching as well
      Especially before bed, you will feel great.

      I have a relief from backache just with some stretching before sleeping.

      Try to eat home cooked and healthy. Don’t worry about specific numbers. Maybe you can plan and see what you are eating for a week.

      Painting and reading is fun. Keep doing them.

      Thanks for reading. I appreciate your kindness 🌷

      • Stretching before bedtime?
        That’s even more interesting…
        I think I haven’t heard this before in my all these years of life. Ha ha
        I’m just being funny. But really it seems so interesting.

        I love home cooked food. Only I think I need to make sure about the numbers of the vegetables intakes.

        Like, in the morning, normally I eat a vegetable vaji, with a or two chapati, egg, cheese, tea.
        Lunch time includes another veg, May be brinjal or cauliflower or pumpkin or the seasonal vegetable. One or two… or sometimes I do have mixed vegetables dish.

        At dinner time, I may not have vegetables. I may include salad sometimes.

        So by the end of the day, I do take only two vegetables in daily basis… Oh no! 🙈

      • Try stretching before bed, will help you sleep even better and release the tension from the body.

        You are eating great and healthy. Continue with that

        Avoid salad at night, very hard to digest at night

  14. Ok yeah I am back on your site!! No clue what happened!
    Great post and awesome tips!! All necessary to have a more peaceful
    Joyful life and so happy reading is helping your mental health D!
    Cheers to that!

  15. Fantastic set of numbers! I’m definitely going to revisit your stretching post…that is just what I need to add right now!

    (Raises coffee cup in toast) Here’s to your good health! 💞

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