World Hypertension Day

17th May is World Hypertension Day, so I have decided to make a blog for that day. Let’s have a quick glance:

Hypertension could be very fatal if not treated on time.

Around 30% of Indians suffer from HBP, and most people are unaware of their condition.

Luckily, HBP is treatable and requires little effort

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I’ll see you soon with another exciting blog.

Stay healthy and don’t forget to smile 😀

29 responses to “World Hypertension Day”

  1. The post was very informative…and yes nowadays so many people are suffering from high BP
    BTW world hypertension day is on 17th..why you posted this on 16th?

  2. My parents really need to read this. I’ll show them the slides atleast.. I hope now atleast they’ll agree with me!
    The blog is really informative and as always the images makes it easier to understand.

    • Thank you so much dear Vidah.
      Your comment always bring joy to me. 😃
      You can download these images or I can send you personally on a mail. My intention is to pass information in a fun manner. Now if I had written this, people might not have read that. Images makes it convenient.

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