Health advice you need to know

A healthy lifestyle is the most potent medicine at your disposal

Sravani Saha Nakhro

I really like that quote. It’s true. A healthy lifestyle is the best gift you can give to yourself.

But, often people get confused about what to do, and they do random stuff to their bodies.

Like, I know a clown who stopped eating many things, because some doctor suggested to him that he was overweight (while he was not) and now he lost a considerable amount of weight and started looking like a skeleton. As a health blogger, I advised him against it, but he didn’t pay heed. Interestingly, his daughter is following him, while she’s just 11 years old.

Doctor told her that she is overweight (seriously who’s this inane doctor). She is already undernourished, and now she’s following something that no one should follow. The health advice this father-daughter duo is following is outlandish.

And that brings us to this blog. This blog will feature some health advice that I love and find relatable.

These pieces of advice are shared and promoted by nutritionists and health experts from all over the world. These are verified and trust me when you will read these you will agree with me that these are not outlandish at all.

Let’s discuss these:

1: Food is not the villain

Weight gain? Let’s stop eating food! Let’s blame the food for everything. That’s what the majority of people believe. Whenever they gain extra weight, they started blaming food for it. But, food is not the villain. Our eating habits are the main villain.

It’s totally our choice, what we are eating, how we are eating, and how much we are eating. Yes, I agree as street food and junk food are harmful, but you can still eat them if you are eating them in moderation. You will get sick if you are eating it daily and without any limit. But once in a while will not harm you.

I don’t want to lie by saying that I don’t eat outside food. I order from outside, once a month. It doesn’t harm my health. Stale food can definitely be bad, so make sure you always choose fresh ingredients and visit places that serve fresh food.

2: Same thing won’t work for everyone

People generally watch stuff online and they start following it blindly. Like the clown I mentioned above, he was told to lose weight, so he started doing some things, and seeing him his daughter did the same. So basically, they both are following a thing that is done by others for some “Instant results”.

I have lost 22 kg, and what I did for that result, will never work for you. I eat food in a certain quantity, My body requires protein in a certain quantity and the style of workout I do can hurt you. I have seen this at my gym, trainers generally try to fit the same hat on everyone. I remember when I was new at the gym (back in 2016), I was given a card/plan about exercises I need to do weekly. I thought wow, this will guide me. But when I realized that similar cards were given to everyone, I was shocked.

You can never have a similar physique to the one you idolize. Because, you don’t know about their bodies, you don’t know how much nutrition they need and what were the conditions of their training. So, instead of being a clown and clown princess, be smart and be curious.

3: Body-Mind & Gut needs regular nourishment

Our bodies are so innocent, it works according to what we feed. When we eat “bad food” (hey food is not the villain), it will reflect on our health. When we eat good food, our bodies will show results accordingly. So basically, our health is in our hands. It will work according to what we feed.

Our gut and brain are connected. Our brain needs the energy to perform every task. That energy comes from food. Obviously, pizza and burgers will not give you any energy. But, if you are eating something healthy, then your brain will work accordingly. I will discuss more about brain health in a separate blog soon. For now, understand this, for every task your body needs some power and food is that source of power. If you eat healthy food that is rich in complex carbs, unsaturated fats, protein, and fibers, you will have better power.

4: The 80-20 rule

I have discussed this rule before. And if you want to eat everything while still staying in shape than this is for you. Basically, with the 80-20 rule, you need to divide your diet in 2 ways. First, for 80% of the time, you need to eat healthy. Healthy food like the one rich in proteins, fibers, complex carbs, and unsaturated fats (saying it again). Make sure you include these in your diet and follow it sincerely. Then for 20% of the time you eat whatever you desire. This could include cake, pizza, fries, or whatever you like.

Our main focus is to prioritize eating food in moderation. However, this rule or style will not work on those who want a specific physique. If you want to stay healthy and active, this can be done.

It’s not necessary that it has to be 80-20 all the time. It can be 90-10 or 75-25. Off course along with healthy food, you also need to exercise. This rule can help people lose weight, and stay motivated and this could make the fitness journey fun.

Health isn’t about being “perfect” with food or exercise or herbs. Health is about balancing those things with your desires. It’s about nourishing your spirit as well as your body.

Golda Poretsky

5: The rainbow diet

Health experts also suggest that people should add more colors to their diet. By color, I don’t mean artificial color, but the natural color in different food. Different colors of food have different components present in them, and they show different results in the human body.

Like the red color foods are rich in anti-oxidants (Lycopene) and are known to lower the risk of cancers and gut diseases. Similarly, green food contains Isothiocyanates and indoles (Phytochemicals), these are known to be good detoxifiers. Likewise, we have different colors in food.

This topic is vast, and I would like to discuss it more with a separate blog. For now, the following Image will guide you a little bit:

After seeing the image, I am sure you are thinking about which color of the food you should be eating. That is why, it is suggested to fill your plate with at least 4 colors (The more the merrier). The more variety you can add, the better results you can get from your food.

So these were some pieces of advice that I personally follow, and I feel these are easy to follow for everyone and are very relatable. Generally, some coaches/health experts/nutritionists tell things that are unrealistic and undoable in a long term. But, I believe the above-mentioned things are definitely doable in a long term.

In the comments tell me if you like any of these or if you are already following these. Also, tell me what thing you follow to stay fit. I would love to hear from you.

Until next time, Keep Smiling.

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66 responses to “Health advice you need to know”

  1. Thank you for sharing this informative as well as educational blog post, Devang.
    It’s important to be aware and follow regular activities to stay healthy.

  2. Great information, Devang. ☺️ I love how you mentioned that food itself is not the villain. You’re so right- it’s important to have a healthy balanced diet while eating in moderation ❤️

    I exercise, but I really need to focus on my eating habits. :,) I need to find new healthy recipes.

  3. Great advice, I like the colorful diet tree image, too. I feel I’m eating well. Junk food is maybe a twice a month thing with me, and I keep up with workouts. I got a punching bag recently. 🥰

  4. Yes to all of these! Food is most definitely not the enemy and the key is really eating a healthy diet the majority of the time and eating at a calorie deficit if you are trying to lose weight. This is really great advice.

  5. Some helpful tips, Devang. I really like the mention of a “Rainbow Diet.” 🌈 Years ago, I did a challenge with a group of women… it involved exercise, diet, wellbeing, etc. We followed a similar idea as your 80/20 rule. Basically, one day a week we could eat “whatever.” I felt like crap after the “whatever” day. ☹️ I don’t do that anymore – I like to feel good every day, to the extent that is possible. 😌

    • Actually 80-20 rule is not like a cheat day .
      Here you can eat your favorites daily, but in moderation. Yes with that you need to be active and eat healthy food most of the time. I personally don’t like to concept of cheat day. Because it’s giving our mind an idea that we can’t have our favorites on other days. It’s like a punishment.

      I’m happy that you feel good everyday about how you see things 👏🏻

      Do you do the rainbow 🌈 🥗diet ?

      • Thank you, Devang. I understand. Moderation is key. 😌 Although I don’t call my food choices the “Rainbow Diet” I eat a wide variety of colorful veggies. 😁

  6. It’s better to see the doctor, who finds everybody overweight, and his qualifications too. I think everything in moderation is okay, and weight reduction should not be abrupt. I liked the concept of rainbow diet. An informative post, Devang!

  7. Great sound advice with all the right stuff of the 80/20 rule and the rainbow diet and added chart was awesome.
    Love it Devang!
    Habits and moderation are key with exercise. Sad for the too skinny dad setting a bad example for his daughter. ❣️

  8. Great article emphasizing the importance of a healthy lifestyle and providing practical and relatable health advice. The rainbow diet and 80-20 rule are particularly helpful tips for maintaining a well-rounded approach to eating.

  9. I agree that there is no universally “correct” diet that everyone should follow. It really bugs me when people push their agenda on others without realizing that not everyone requires the same diet. My ideal diet is high carb low fat (HCLF) which is not for most people, but it’s very hard to implement here in Canada. I know I could do better with my diet, but my family is not on board with my diet. I do my best. My body thrives on HCLF though and I will ignore anyone who says otherwise lol

      • I want to say its both simple and complex carbs. Ideally, carbs with fiber but simple carbs are good too. A lot of people don’t like HCLF because it mostly eliminates fat and protein. Some people like eating mostly fruits but that’s hard for me to do in Canada.

        I try to eat fruits, vegetables, very few nuts/seeds (I eliminate them if possible), no seed oils, animal fats. Lots of rice, pasta, bread, etc. Mostly vegan but I do eat animal and meat because my family does. But I will always choose plant based given the choice. This diet is the ketogenic nightmare because it’s the opposite of the keto diet. I tried several diets in my lifetime and nothing came close to HCLF for me. I am not perfect and still mess up a lot, but I’m learning.

  10. My body has told me to avoid certain foods by reacting badly to them. So within those constraints I try to eat a varied, colorful diet. Another key I have found is to use foods as closely to the way they are created as possible. Think of the difference in health benefits between a 4 ounce potato and 4 ounces of potato chips!

    • 4 ounces of potato is definitely lot healthier

      At least it’s natural and not harming specifically.

      Chips however have sodium, bad cholesterol and what not.

      Enjoy the colorful diet. I aim for 4-5 colors, haha

  11. Moderation is key! I’ve been trying to eat healthier too this year. One thing I started to do is buy ready to eat salad spring mix. Since it’s already washed, I don’t have to wash it and then try to get the excess water out. It’s convenient so I’m more likely to eat it. I also added more tofu to my diet.
    My goal is not to lose a whole lot of weight but to stay healthy and somewhat lean (extra bonus for eating healthy?).
    The colorful food image is great! Nice visual reminders. Thanks for sharing that.

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