1 month of gymming

This blog is about my 1-month experience at the gym. So, if anyone is looking for new health tips or maybe anything related to wellness, then let me tell you that this blog will not give you any of that. Rather, I will share my experience at the gym and how I am feeling about that.

Last month, I shared a blog about why I am joining the gym (again). Many people read it and appreciated it. If someone missed that blog for some reason, you can still read it hereโ‡‰ Why I am joining the gymโ€ฆโ€ฆagain?. So, it’s been 1 month already, and I wanted to share some good things that I am seeing in my body.

1. I feel energetic: In just 1 month, I feel energetic. I feel like certain locks in my body are now been opened. I won’t say, I am at the same energy level as I was once at (in 2016). But, I actually feel very light and fast. I thought now my body has grown older over 6 years. But, I was wrong. I feel good doing things that I was able to do in 2016.

That dude is not me, I don’t socialize at the gym.

2. I don’t get tired easily now: Earlier I used to do home workouts and after 20 mins session, I felt like I’ve done enough. Now, I feel like I can do more. I don’t feel lethargic anymore. I did a similar home workout and felt like I am capable to do more.

3. Gaining self-confidence again: You might wonder how 1 month can bring so much change in me, but trust me, if someone compliments you, you feel great. People at my gym are very encouraging. Many people have told me that they like my workout, and they get motivated while seeing me. This makes me happy.

I mentioned in my previous blog that I do get nervous around people. But, if people are encouraging, that boosts confidence. I won’t say I am at the same level as most of the people at the gym are, but I am enjoying my pace.

I think this blog can be used as a testimony for my gym. Sadly, I haven’t shared their name anywhere.

4. Clothes are getting loose: Well, this is funny because just in 1-month certain clothes are now loose to me. I cannot wear jeans without a belt, and that jeans now look like as if I’ve borrowed them from someone.

I have not lost any kilos, but I have lost inches. I never desired any specific physique, but getting in a good shape is great.

5. My Knees are not hurting me anymore: I have hurt my knees several times. Also, I remember I had a lot of terrible knee aches since 2009. I never got it diagnosed, as I know it is related to weight and lack of exercise. Doing a workout at home could sometimes mean that you are not doing a workout sincerely. I refrained from workout many times due to a knee ache. But now I feel like a lot of my problems are solved due to regular workouts.

My session is generally 60-80 mins and during that, I forget everything. I won’t suggest you to do it. Knee ache for me was never major, but if you have any issue, please consult a doctor.

My message to you is:

Invest some time for your health. Do regular workout, eat a proper diet. Your body is limitless. Explore the endless possibilities by pushing past your limits.

In the comment section, let me know if you are having any difficulty in the workout or finding time for it. Also tell me how you stay healthy, what workout you like to do and what diet you take.

If you are confused regarding any workout or diet, check out my blog FGW

I have so many great blogs lined up for this month (I have to write them first). I am also working for a blog with one of my favourite bloggers, so stay tuned.


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  1. I’m so glad you are feeling better after going to the gym for a month. I’m sure you’ll see even more positive results as you continue going to the gym.

  2. Gymming is slimming. ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep up the great work. I have a progress report too. This week I swam laps twice. Getting closer to resuming half my pre-pandemic number of laps. What’s the greatest is how much stress swimming gobbles up for me! And they’re fun weekly outings with my teen.

  3. Love the blog. I also tend to be quite nervous around people but I find that at the right gym’s I can just let go and enjoy myself. I always recommend working out at a gym, it really gives a different energy to your workout than home workouts. And it’s good that this is helping your knee pains, keep up the good work ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ.

  4. This is great to read, Devang. Congratulations on doing so well at the gym and on your resulting achievements. They say it’s better to lose inches than pounds at the gym, as when you’re working out, you are building muscle, and muscle apparently weighs more than fat. You are doing so well to keep yourself going. When I used to be able to go to the gym, I loved it and got a real buzz from it. Like you, I liked to concentrate on my routine rather than stop to chat with other people. However, I did have an excellent trainer called Karen, who was so encouraging, and we also managed to share humour at the same time. I’d love to go back, but even to work on my upper body is more than I can financially afford these days. Gym membership is very expensive here. Not sure about whether it is with you also? Keep going, Devang. Sending you lots of encouragement. Ellie ๐ŸŒž

    • I’m really Happy at the gym.
      I took yearly membership, that cost me 104 pounds.
      I took training in 2017, he taught me a lot. So now it’s easy for me to implement that.
      Have a happy weekend ๐Ÿ˜‡

  5. Glad to hear of your continual progress. Seeing progress is quite the incentive. Not only to feel better but to see positive results. I understand that muscle weighs more and sometimes what matters more is the inches that are lost and you look slimmer, but the weight may not reduce as much, because you may be gaining muscle. I tend to power walk or jog. I love the outdoors and do not like gyms. I drink lots of water, as it is my favorite drink besides coffee. One coffee in the morning usually and water for the rest of the day. I also greatly limit my bread intake and this has helped me maintain a healthy weight.

    • Thank you so much for this amazing comment.
      I definitely feel more confident now. Yes, I am also getting stronger.
      Drinking lots of water is great actually. I am happy that you are able to find our your healthy balance.
      Also, it’s been a while since your last blog. I hope you are fine.

  6. Congrats on your progress, Devang! I used to go to the gym then covid happened and I started working out at home. I recently got into yoga and love it. Wouldn’t mind being back in the gym though (kinda miss being around people sometimes and feeling that gym energy) ๐Ÿ˜†

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