Exercise can kill you!!!

Recently, a famous Indian comedian suffered a heart attack while working out at the gym. Many people quickly speculated that actually exercising is the reason why people are getting heart attacks. Many people believe that exercising is harming the body and could kill the person. People also blame gyms for all the deaths of “fit” people. The heading maybe shocking to you, but that’s what people started believing.

This blog is not to justify any stance, but to provide you with a quick guide on things you should consider before starting any workout routine. If you can follow these simple things, your workout session will automatically become safe and enjoyable.

1: Consult a doctor

Whether you are new to workout or if you are starting after a while, It is advisable to consult a doctor. A doctor will check your physical condition and will guide you accordingly. Sometimes, we become a doctor ourselves and ignore things happening to our bodies. You can also get some tests done, and that will tell you more about physical conditioning. It’s better to know about yourself before starting any workout routine.

2: Decide what you want to do

FGW never recommend you to follow any regimen blindly. It’s about your health, and you are the one who knows better what you will like and what not. I can tell you to go to the gym and lift weights, but you may or may not like that. So, sit down peacefully and ruminate on the routine that you can follow on a regular basis. Never follow anything that you see online. It’s better to decide yourself, or you can ask an expert.

Make sure you decide at what time you will be able to follow that routine and how much time are you willing to spend. You will see great results in yourself if you can show consistency and sincerity.

Check out why I joined the gym again by clicking this blog.

3: Coach/trainer

I think this is the most important point for the beginner. Before starting any workout, make sure you are doing it under proper guidance. Trust me, you cannot learn exercises by watching videos. You need proper knowledge and guidance and for novices hiring a trainer is the best option.

While hiring a trainer, make sure your trainer is certified. In India, there are gyms around every corner and in those gyms, there are multiple trainers. Many of those trainers are not even certified. An uncertified trainer will not only misguide you but can harm you and your health. Even if the trainer is certified, go ahead and ask questions. Asking questions is not bad, and it will tell you how much the trainer knows.

I am not mentioning this specifically for the gym. But, even if you are joining any Yoga classes, Zumba classes or any specific Sport. Make sure you do it under-trained professionals.

At the gym, I have a bad reputation among some trainers. They try to sell me their training, but I don’t want it. I once hired a certified trainer, and he taught me a lot. With a proper trainer, you can learn apposite posture of exercises, plans & meals.

A good trainer may be exorbitant, but it’s better to pay to the trainer than to the hospital


4: You are special

If you are new to the workout (or any other routine) or if you are starting after a while. You need to start slow. This is something I wish someone had told me in 2016 when I first joined the gym. I had the fire to do everything at once to get instant results, I was so wrong. Remember, you can’t learn everything in one day. You can’t do everything in one day. You need not compete with anyone. Your biggest competitor is you and you only.

You are very special, and you need not to prove anything to anyone. Every day, you challenge your limits, and you achieve your own personal goals.

Never skip warm-up before any exercise session and Cool-down after that session. Lucky for you, I have blogs on that.


The most important thing before workout- Warm-Up

Stretch it!!

5: Stop and listen to your body

Always listen to your body. Your body has endless potential, but it’s not invincible. It’s better to listen to your body. If you’re exhausted during a workout, stop immediately. Take a deep breath, drink some water and sit peacefully. You can do exercise for a longer duration with consistent training and under guidance. If you’re doing a low-intensity workout like yoga, stop when you feel discomfort.

So, that’s it for this week’s blog. If you follow these things, then you have nothing to worry about. Remember, workout in moderation and listening to your doctor is always advisable. Don’t think that people get heart attacks randomly. Our bodies start giving us signals weeks ago. We should never ignore them. Heart issues can be avoided with timely treatment. Be smart, Be safe.

Check out this blog of mine to know about signs that you should never ignore about your body.

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Until next time, Remember to Smile.

100 responses to “Exercise can kill you!!!”

      • U too
        To be honest even I lost 12 kgs weight by dance workout in 4-5 months
        I didn’t even check my weight during this
        Just checked it recently
        I got to know that I was losing weight when my clothes were appearing to be lose
        I even left sugar, rice, maida completely for 2 months during that time
        I hope it was healthy weight loss
        But now I do have a cheat meal once a week

      • I’ve lost 24 kgs twice.
        Main issue with me is my metabolism.
        My diet is not typical. I just eat home cooked meal. But for some reason if I stop workout for a while, I gain weight again. There’s a link in this blog, that tells why I re-joined the gym.
        I’ve also left potato, rice and many such things. But, then I realised I cannot leave them forever. As Indian meal majorly contain rice and potato.
        These days, I’m losing weight again.
        But, this time I’m losing in inches.
        I feel relaxed mentally and I’m satisfied.
        I’m trying to get in better physical condition before my birthday.

      • Great !
        Yes we can’t leave potato atleast
        Maybe if I start living abroad in future then I can leave but not now
        Even I wanna lose more weight but my family isn’t letting me lose cz they think I ve already lost more than necessary πŸ₯²

      • Family will never let you do what you actually want.
        Especially mothers πŸ˜…
        It’s hard to convince her regarding diet.
        For me leaving potato is easy, but rice is difficult. Most of the gravy taste better with rice only.
        I think if we are leaving something and somewhere if we are not satisfied with the diet. It’s not good for us. I believe in diet that’s practical and doable.

      • Exactly even the people around you will make fun of you and say that your bones are popping out πŸ’€πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ
        But anyways we can’t do anything
        Even I have proper Indian Diet
        Can’t do those keto diets and all
        And I wanted to ask is it is possible to tone ur body at home after weight loss?

      • It’s very possible.
        I won’t suggest you any specific thing as your body could be different.
        Body toning is possible with home workout.
        But, you need weights and dumbbells. πŸ™‚
        Also, now that you are reading this. I would like to know more about your weight loss. It could help me with a blog.

  1. Great Information..
    Ofc of we are doing any kind of workout or exercise we should consult to our trainer bc they can tell you what is better for you.
    And doctor also plays a very important role sometimes people suffering from any kind of disease and do workout can be very harmful to them…
    Great share πŸ‘πŸ»

  2. Ohhh I know how this feels, I went on an extreme no rice diet 10 years ago and start to eat everything else except rice. I was on my 3 months school break too. I workout 1 hour after eating my meals.

    I ended up losing 9kg in just a month or so, after 2 years… of doing this, I slowly developed a back pain that leads to being hospitalized for a few days.

    And the doctor lectured me for stopping rice as my diet, I was 98kg and went down to 55kg in a year and… was maintaining the weight.. or.. trying to achieve 50kg.

    Turns out, I cannot work out heavily any longer, my back is no longer normal. It could lead to fatal consequences if I do push my limits.

    I did a lot of Zumba and belly dancing.

  3. We live in a society which teaches us to “grind” and “there’s no gain without pain”, which leads people to go too hard too fast. This is great advice you’re giving, for we need to learn to check in with our bodies. We don’t all need to strive to be elite athletes! I know I did in my youth and it caused me to develop chronic Shingles because I kept pushing myself to exercise instead of resting when I had an outbreak. I used exercise as a way of dealing with my stress, so in my recovery I had to learn other forms of stress management. I now use slower exercise (walking, stretching, dance) as a way of getting some exercise but it’s also more relaxing than pushing myself to exhaustion!

  4. “I had the fire to do everything at once to get instant results, I was so wrong.”
    I felt the same way then I switched to yoga. I like the slower workouts better.
    Great info Devang! It’s interesting too about the tattoos, I don’t have any but didn’t know they could get infected with sweat! Makes sense. πŸ™‚
    Do you have tattoos?

    • Tattoos in the beginning could be harmful.
      Otherwise if you have tattoo for a while, then you can workout like a normal person. It’s advisable to avoid workout or any other physical activity, sun and water on the tattoo for 2-3 days.
      They give special Cream for the tattoo.
      I don’t have tattoo and I cannot say rn if I will get one in future. I mean, what if someone finally influence me to get tattoo after 20 years. I never know.
      You do yoga nowdays?

      • Haha gotcha! I dont have tattoos either. The idea of something permanent on my skin freaks me out. Yup I still do yoga but the last week has been busy so my schedule got thrown off course. Hope to get back into a solid routine soon.

  5. Great points, Devang. Each person is different. I notice that starting off with a smaller workout and increasing it slowly can help me stick to my exercise program longer and achieve better results.

  6. Great and informative blog. Sometimes we push our bodies to the extreme, it’s important we listen closely to what it says in terms of diet and exercise. What is beneficial for a person may not be the same for others.

  7. Yes indeed.. Every person is different, so there must be different rules for each of them.
    Great information, Devang.
    Keep writing!

  8. Great advice as always, Devang. I miss having a ‘proper’ workout now that I can no longer go to the gym. I used to feel fantastic after exercising. With my gym, they did a health check before you were allowed to even join the gym (weight, blood pressure, height and diet etc.). I try to do a little exercise at home but am very careful and remember what my previous trainer taught me. Unfortunately, going to the gym is very expensive, certainly for me. Our cost of living has gone up so much that I can’t even afford to heat my house in winter, let alone pay for exercise. Having said that, I’ve learned a lot from you over the time we’ve known each other, and I am still trying to do simple things. I’ve started doing step-ups on the bottom stair of my staircase. Fortunately, I have a handrail on each side, so I can’t fall. I’m building up the number of times I do it very gradually. I guess every little bit helps. Thanks, as always, for your wise advice 🌞.

    • Little bit is fine and simple things are good if you are doing them regularly.
      Enjoy and do what suits you the best.
      Do it regularly and have fun.
      Take good care.
      Best wishes to you 🌜.

  9. Really informative post although I was hoping from the title that you were going to tell us never to workout and I was going to be like “yes, I’ve already been not working out for years!” πŸ˜‚

    I think people sometimes mistake correlation with causation. Yes, sometimes exercise can be harmful but it’s not the cause of certain issues. It’s rather that you are not doing something correctly. If someone is worried it’s best to consult a doctor and workout with a professional trainer so that there isn’t any risk especially if you have preexisting health issues.

    • I wish I can say that “Hey don’t exercise it’s too dangerous for you” haha….
      As much as I know, You do some amount of workout, so yeah that’s cool. Majorly your brain and fingers are doing a lot of cardio, lol.
      OMG, don’t throw heavy words. I have to open lexicon or something, JK. Learnt a new word today.
      In India, many famous people got a heart attack and people related that with workout. I think if we stop ignoring our physical and mental health. A lot can be done.

      • Haha yes my hands get a lot of workout lol.

        Lol sorry about that, I learnt about causation vs correlation in psychology and it’s really stuck with me since it rings true for many aspects of life. I think South Asian people are more at risk for heart related issues so it makes sense that there are more heart related deaths there but of course workout is most likely not the cause for them. It’s more likely their diet and lifestyle.

      • You don’t need to be sorry!!
        I learn lot due to you. With your blogs, I learn a lot.
        If you have noticed, I’ve used “apposite” in this blog, haha. I knew that word, but reminded me back.
        I really need to think a way how I can write a blog which can benefit super busy people (like you), with workout. Do you think, It’s needed? 😊

      • Yes, I did notice apposite but didn’t realise I reminded you of it when I used it for a SWS!

        I think a post like that would be so beneficial for people like me who are very busy.

      • Yours blogs are helping me a lot.
        I think I will call these as take-aways. I mean, if you are sharing something and it’s useful to someone. Then, the reason behind sharing that become successful.

        I will think of a blog, that can help people who have very less time to workout or relax.

  10. Wonderful and very insightful post, Devang! More people should read this! πŸ₯‚

    It actually reminded me the sudden death of my former neighbour earlier this year, who was always keen on excising, going to the gym daily, and who was one of the fittest people I knew. He died of a sudden heart attack and it shocked all of us who knew him. πŸ₯²

    You advises and tips truly address the problems of modern lifestyle!

    • I hope people can listen to their body and choose the right thing.
      Do you workout?
      like other than dancing?
      Although, dancing is a great form of exercise. Keeps mind and body fit.

      • Yes, I totally agree with you! people should listen to their bodies!

        Dancing burns lots of calories for me already, so I don’t necessarily go to the gym, haha. when I do, I prefer nature settings, like hiking and boating..πŸ₯³

        Thank You and have a beautiful rest of your week!! πŸ₯‚

  11. Great informative post and tips.. Thanks for the reminder dear Devang.. Keep giving πŸŒΉπŸ’

  12. Great .That is a really valuable and helpful post ,and the facts you suggested are truly appreciated πŸ™ Thank you πŸ’―βœ¨

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