I have lost some weight

Recently I had an interview with the best health blogger on WP Devang Upadhyaya and this is about his weight loss journey.

FGW: So Devang, please tell me how are you feeling?

Devang: Oh? No one has ever asked me that. Generally, I ask such questions. I feel great, actually.

FGW: Please tell me about your weight loss journey. How much have you lost?

Devang: I have lost 22 kg overall. I wanted to wait until 25 kg, but I thought it was the perfect time to share it now.

FGW: WOW, 22 is a great number. How did you manage it? Can you please share some things?

Devang: Certainly. Look losing weight is not easy. People ask me for quick tips, but there are no shortcuts. Weight loss is a journey and it requires consistent efforts. I am very strict about my diet and workout.

FGW: By diet, you mean like boiled food and all? I’ve heard that people generally eat boiled food, or they eat less and completely avoid carbs and fats for instant results.

Devang: Oh no, I don’t eat boiled food and I haven’t stopped eating anything in general. I generally eat in moderation. My diet is very simple. I eat everything, but in moderation and I measure my food.

FGW: Measure your food? Why would you do that?

Devang: Generally, measuring food gives me a proper idea how much of carbs, fats, and protein I am eating. However, I don’t measure the greens and fruits. I think that’s super healthy to eat anyway.

FGW: What’s your plate look like? I mean what do you eat in general?

Devang: So, basically I don’t do anything fancy. Earlier I wasn’t eating much greens and fruits, but now I eat them. Generally for breakfast, I eat oats or roti (chapati), with a few dry/dried fruits and milk. Then after my workout. I have lunch which generally contains salad, measured dal (lentil), 1-1.5 chapati, a source of protein like eggs or paneer (cottage cheese) or soya chunks, some sabzi (vegetable), and a small bowl of curd (if available).

FGW: Oh wow, so your lunch seems sufficient. Like, you are eating everything but in measured quantity.

Devang: Yeah, so I haven’t stopped eating lunch, or I am not starving for weight loss. In fact, I am eating more than I used to. But, I am filling my stomach with some good things like cucumber, tomatoes, eggs/ paneer.

FGW: Please tell me about the rest of your day

Devang: So after this lunch which is generally around 12 pm. I carry fruits with me to the office or some sprouts. I eat them around 3 pm. Then, if I am again feeling hungry at 5 or 6, I eat some boiled eggs or sprouts or cucumber. Then at dinner which is around 8 pm, I eat 1 chapati, some sabzi, and again a source of protein. If I am at home around 5-6 pm, I enjoy popcorn, fox nuts, sandwich, or anything home-cooked. Like right now I am eating Besan cheela, it’s a kind of pancake made of gram flour.

FGW: Oh wow, that’s a lot of protein. You don’t eat cucumber and tomatoes at night?

Devang: Actually, I need more protein than that. No, cucumbers and tomatoes at night are not good according to Ayurveda.

FGW: Devang, this diet sounds interesting. Will it work for everyone?

Devang: I am not a trainer, so I will tell you the truth. This diet will not necessarily work on anyone else. This is not like one size fits all. Different people need food in different quantities.

FGW: I think most people fail to understand this and blindly stop eating their favorite food. Devang, Please tell me about your workout.

Devang: My workout is pretty decent. I go to the gym 6 days a week, I workout for 75 mins. That includes warm-up, strength training, some cardio and stretching after that. I make sure I stay active throughout the day. After having dinner, I walk for 20–30 mins. As the allergy is not bothering me anymore, I will start cycling again in the morning.

FGW: Do you think everyone should go to the gym for weight loss?

Devang: No!! Gym is not for everyone and people don’t need it. If you want to stay fit and don’t have a specific physique in mind, then other forms of exercising like cycling, running, home workouts, dancing, walking, etc. are good enough. Do what you love the most, so that you can do it regularly.

FGW: You are sharing some good things here. How different this Devang is from the one with 22 kg+, other than the size of course.

Devang: Well, I am more able now, I am more active, and I feel like I am much faster now. Off course, I am able to wear clothes I like.

FGW: How have others impacted this journey of yours?

Devang: To be honest, people will always judge you. When I had more weight, people used to give me their unsolicited advice. Even now, after losing weight, people are telling me things. So this is my personal journey, and I am enjoying it. I am not competing with anyone, and I am doing it at my pace. For the last 1 month, I haven’t lost any weight, but that’s fine because this is a journey.

FGW: What’s next for you from here?

Devang: Well, I will continue with this lifestyle as it’s doable and it’s feasible. I can even enjoy my favorite food. I will try to see what more I can do with myself. I don’t have any physique in my mind, but I want to be more comfortable in my body.

FGW: Devang it was great conversing with you. Thanks for sharing your experience with the readers. What do you think about the Fat guy workout?

Devang: I think Fat guy workout Or FGW is doing a great job. I mean you are sharing relatable work, and you are now more comfortable with what you are sharing. You have written 120+ blogs, so I guess that’s special.

FGW: Thanks Devang and thank you so much for your time.

Devang : My pleasure, thanks for having me here.

So, this was my interview with the finest health blogger on WP. To read more about him and his work click here ⇾ Devang upadhyaya

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68 responses to “I have lost some weight”

  1. FGW is my favorite health blogger as well🙃

    Great to know about your journey so far.
    I hope you continue doing these things, an amazing diet and decent workout.
    Best wishes!😊

  2. Wow, that’s an achievement, I mean 22kg, if I have lost that much weight there won’t be any me left or Why I Quit My Job or Whymilenawhy.wordpress.com.
    I am glad to know you are still hanging in there 🙂
    Keep blogging!

  3. This is awesome. Congratulations! 👏🏾👏🏾

    Keep up the good work and keep sharing! I really appreciate it. It is benefitial for many. 🙂

  4. That’s wonderful, good for you for getting closer to your goal. I really like that instead of talking about anything extreme you talked about moderation and a healthy lifestyle. That’s what really helps to lose weight longterm without damaging your health.

    • I think this is a feasible way.
      Generally people stop eating certain food for quick result. But, sticking to that is impossible.
      At gym, trainers told me to leave rice, chapati, potato and what not.

      But, I cannot do that for the rest of my life.

      I once left everything and got instant results, but those results never lasted for long.

      • Yeah, people are encouraged to give up some foods but this is not a longterm solution. It’s best to just eat healthy majority of the time and decrease your caloric intake.

  5. Hey, How are you Devang.. see I asked ….😂
    YAYYYYY and kudos to you on your weight loss!
    You and I know the biggest thing is keeping it off.. so you’ve got this!
    love it! 💞

  6. 22kg is fantastic! 🥳 I like that they mentioned that going to the gym is not necessary. I lost about 13kg back in 2020 by just adjusting my diet. Same with it being a slow process. Great interview! I liked that you asked a variety of questions.

  7. Interesting read! This is innovative in itself.

    I do regular “Evening Self-Talks” with myself.
    This blog post of the interview of the FGW and Devang (both got interviewed) felt similar.

    Hi Devang, I congratulate you for this achievement of being able to share your inner conversation with us.

    I’m currently “only” 47 Kg, which’s significantly low as compares to my age.
    I have gained one Kg in the last two months.

    It’s challenging for me to ‘increase’ my weight’.
    And I want to be more physically and mentally able, active and confident.

    The blog posts you publish have made me more aware and informed of my health.
    I can make better food choices now.

    Thank you so much! 😊

    • Do you want me to lend you some weight? I can give 5 kg max, so that I don’t become underweight. For me gaining weight is easy. But, this time what I am doing is sustainable.

      My main goal is to stay “able”

      Why you do evening self talk? what are the benefits of it? And why you have selected a specific time for it?

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