How I lost 24 kg

If you read my blogs regularly then you might be aware of that I have lost 24 kg.

I have talked about it before in a different blog.

But, I thought my weight loss journey needs more clarity. This blog is based on my personal views and the things I feel are crucial for weight loss.

I aim to guide beginners and clear some misconception.

How I lost weight

I feel, 24 kg is huge thing. I was 104 kg, now I am 79-80 kg. I have lost weight before, but this time I wanted something sustainable. When you will search online about “how to lose weight” or “fat loss diet” you will find some unrealistic things. Things like you have starve in order to lose weight, or do tons of exercises for weight loss.

But, let me tell you that’s a lie. You don’t have to stop eating food, and you certainly don’t need to kill yourself while doing over-exercise. Weight loss is easy, it just needs some wise planning.

I made a plan about what I need to do and how much and what I need to eat. This can be done if you do some research or talk to a certified nutritionist. I am not saying that everyone should hire a nutritionist but if you are a novice it’s better to consult a certified person rather than listening to the random trainer.

What people think about me

People think that I must have stopped eating in order to lose weight and I lost all this weight with cardio. I hate this mentality, I feel this belittle my efforts. When people see my process, they automatically assume that I’ve done too much cardio, and now I cannot do anything else.

I love doing Cardio-HIIT, but there are so many things that helped me with weight loss.

What is cardio?

Cardio is a form of aerobic exercise, which is of low to high intensity. Here weights are generally not used and these exercises increases heart rate to a certain extent.

Few examples of cardio are walking, running, swimming, dancing or even household chores. People generally use it for weight loss, as it shows quick weight loss results. I love doing HIIT, which is High intensity interval training. This is basically high paced cardio, which included series of exercises in short duration or less rest.

People have 2 opinion for cardio, either they do it too much or they completely ignore it. As I mentioned, I love doing it because it packs intensity and fun in my workout. But, people think that I do it too much and this is why I lost all this weight. I wonder how they don’t see me doing weight training from Monday-Friday.

Weight training is important if you aim for muscle building. Weight training also helps in weight loss.

Some trainer told me that cardio cuts muscles, means it thwarts muscle growth. But we cannot ignore that regular cardio is necessary for us, as it enhance sleep quality, improves stamina, keeps heart healthy, relieves from stress and anxiety and more.

A session of 20–30 minutes, 4–5 times a week is good for those who wants to stay active and healthy. Those who wants a specific physique, they should talk to a certified trainer about how to include cardio in their routine.

Make sure you choose the right kind of activity and not overdo it. Beginners can start with a regular walk, especially after a meal.

> Speaking of walking after a meal, I think that’s another factor that helped me. I walk 30 mins after a meal, this is a small habit but very helpful if you are losing weight.

You can learn more about cardio by clicking here .

Never be random

Another thing I strictly avoid is being random. I don’t do a lot of things and I don’t throw everything at once. I know a dude at gym, he trains under a trainer. And, I don’t know if his trainer suggested him, or he is doing it by himself, but he does a lot of random things. His workout is not planned, and he mixed everything at once.

I feel like this is torture with the body, like at one point you are lifting weights, then suddenly you started running. You are doing stretching (cool down), then suddenly you started doing cardio after stretching. This is nothing but some foolishness, and it’s increasing the risk of injury.

If you are new let’s say at a gym, learn some basic things. Which I believe no trainer will care to tell you (unless you pay them). Learn the importance of warm-up and cool down which is important before and after every workout. Learn about workout and learn what and how much you need to do.

I am telling you this because, if you don’t know what you want to do, you will drop it, and you might not see any progress, or can hurt yourself.

Spot reduction is also not possible. No amount of abs workout can reduce your belly fat, if that’s your only goal. You need to work on your overall body. If somebody is telling you to do 100 push-ups for bigger chest (or toned chest in case of females), then stay away from such fraud.


You don’t need to starve

The thing I abhor a lot is, how trainers and some uneducated fools makes food a villain. They will always tell you to stop eating this or that and eat boiled food if you want to see results. This is called a crash diet, where you stop eating everything for results. You will get fast results, but that’s not sustainable. Means, you will gain weight much faster when you start eating any of those things.

When I was 102 kg, I wasn’t seeing results, or let’s say others were not seeing results in me. I was suggested a stupid diet in which I was told to stop eating almost everything and start eating things which doesn’t sound realistic.

I realized that this is stupid and will not help me anyhow. Trust me losing weight while eating everything is easy. You just need to make smart choices and some healthy replacements.

> Instead of eating Trans fat and simple carbs (sugar), switch to Unsaturated fats and complex carbs. Also, every diet whether it’s for weight loss or gain should include Protein and fibers.

> You don’t necessarily need to eat fruits and veggies all the time, you can enjoy your favorites, but make sure you are majorly eating healthy. Avoid gimmick food like green tea or any other thing that claims to reduce your belly fat. There’s no food that can help you with anything. Your habits will help you.

Love your food. Food is not the villain. Bad eating habits is the villain.


How tracking calories can help?

Calories are basically a unit of energy. Whatever we eat has some amount of energy. The simple math is, if you are eating more calories than your body requires, it turns into body fat. So tracking calories is important if you want to lose or gain weight.

I measure my food, so that I can get an educated result of what and how much I’m eating and how useful it is to me. If you are curious about how tracking calories work then read this trusted source.

How to see results

A very simple answer to this is, you need to show persistent efforts. Fat loss or weight loss should not be a task but a journey. If you take it as a task, you will not enjoy it after a point and it will become mundane. If you want long-lasting results, you need to see this as a journey. When you consider it as a journey, you are in for acceptance and patience.

You will not see results immediately. I never felt any change in me for months. Even after losing 24 kg, I feel nothing has changed. But, my increased stamina, strength, flexibility and confidence tells me that I’ve done something good.

Before after-Weight loss
(97 kg on left, 80 kg on right).
Lost weight


I have shared what I did to lose weight, which is not too much. These things are doable, if you have a passion for it. You need to be very patient and serious about your diet.

Weight loss needs no gimmick, no stress. It can be done in a fun manner, with a regimen. Make a plan for yourself today or consult an expert.

Until next time, remember to smile.

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  1. Good for you Devang for your accomplishment and for doing it in a healthy way. Double good for sharing your lessons with others and that the best methods are the long-term ones which focus on improving health and not just weight loss, for ultimately that will lead to a healthier body in the more advanced years!

  2. Excellent work! What you have proved Devang is that discipline wins out over fad diets every time. Eat fewer calories, exercise regularly, and make it sustainable seems to be the message. Sounds very reasonable.

  3. Kudos to you!!
    People must understand that diets are not effective without workouts, your journey must be inspiring for other people too.👏👏

  4. Good Going devang…I followed a similar path…routine, portion size, no spot reduction efforts
    So at 36 yr I was 76kgs and now at 42yr maintenance 68-70kgs for past 2 years.
    Very well written and rational post!!

  5. Congratulations again on the 24kg. You’re right about discipline and about building sustainable habits. I’ve been thinking about getting back on track myself, so you’ve given me the boost

    • For the starters
      Look out for the portion size. And switch all the food that contains added sugar with healthy snacks.

      I’m sure you are walking a lot already

  6. Congratulations on losing so much weight, I know weight loss is something you are very interested in and it’s great you’re doing well at it. I really liked the tips you mentioned and love that you mentioned healthy and sustainable ways to lose weight. Extreme dieting, under eating while working out too much etc does not work longterm. That’s why it’s important to exercise and eat well regularly.

  7. Sensible and consistent choices are key. Your journey and transformation may be just the inspiration someone needs to make healthy lifestyle changes. Great job, Devang!

  8. Thanks for sharing your journey. It takes dedication and determination and keeping up a steady pace, which is harder than working hard at losing weight for a period of time and then stopping and then continuing again.

  9. Goof for you and sound advice. Looking good!
    Don’t starve is right and listen to our bodies messages and up the exercise.
    Well done D.
    Love the post! 💞

  10. It’s wonderful to realise that the journey to losing weight also changes mindset. Or maybe it’s the other way around.
    I totally agree with you, Devang, that changing our daily habits is the number one key to losing weight instead of trying different diet trends. We all know that doing exercise regularly, eating a balanced diet, avoiding junk food and alcohol are necessary to live a healthy life. But putting it into practice requires consistency and a lot of patience.

    • Yes it does require disciple.
      Like yesterday, I said no to srikhand…. because it will ruin my diet. So we need to follow these healthy habits and stick to it.

  11. Hi Devang,
    It looks like you have lost some ‘height’ also in these pictures.😂
    Seriously, loosing 24 kg is a big achievement; and you followed suitable methods.
    I congratulate you for this achievement!🎉🎉👏👏
    ‘The Fat Guy’ lost his weight, now he’s doing gym to look more handsome (and able).

  12. Thank you as always, for the useful tips and sharing your journey with us. Congratulations! Your hard work has really paid off. Keep up the good work.

  13. I love doing cardio as well, not brlecause it helps lose weight faster or something, but only because I enjoy my morning walk in the nature and other activities included in it. It just makes me feel less lazy and makes my whole way more productive.

    Indeed! I love my food much more than anything. 😂

    Isn’t green tea a good antioxidant? What’s wrong with green tea?

    As you’ve mentioned, one shouldn’t be random, so what is the right way of working out?

  14. I believe you’re not a random trainer in this blog community.. and we believe what you suggest…

    My brother had almost a similar journey. He had more fat than you. And then MashaAllah he has lost a lot from the pandemic year 2020, when he started just walking in a full rhythm each and everyday and now he has lost so much with a conscious eating routine and he tells us that it’s not necessarily reducing the food intakes but the conscious healthy eating … He tells exactly the same about ‘putting persistent effort’ …

    Loved your journey…
    Thanks for sharing …

    • Persistent efforts are much needed

      And this is a journey. People can lose weight, but sticking to the plan is dedication.

      Thanks a lot for reading 🙏🏼

  15. I like your advice to never be random, I am so random most of the time it’s a problem. Not when it comes to eating but other routines, I need to get some sort of a structure to help me be less random and more organized. Good thing my students will always point it out so I have a big motivation to get in all under control.

  16. I love this really inspiring post, Devang. You talk and share so much sense, and as you’ve mentioned, not in a random way. Congratulations on all that weight you lost and more so because you did it all so safely and responsibly. It is good that you can pass your experiences and knowledge on to your other readers. You look fabulous in that before and after photographs. Your weight loss really shows. I am very proud of you, my friend 😊.

    My diet is healthy, and during the time I’ve known you, you have shared lots of tips with me that have been very helpful. I know I cannot exercise much, but I try to do some upper-body exercises when I can. I feel I can improve on this, though, as I’m not in a regular routine. I’m also drinking more water – I take a bottle of water to bed with me every night and make sure I’ve drunk it before I get up the next day.

    My son is meant to be trying to lose weight, but he’s very overweight (over 19 stone/120kg) and has a long way to go. The problem with him is that he’s sensible one day, and then he has a business dinner with lots of drinks and rich food. He said there is rarely anything healthy on the four-course menu. It’s a shame he doesn’t read my blog; otherwise, I would ask him to read your posts about diet and health.

    • Need to go further, never ending journey.

      Thanks for relating to my work

      You are already doing a lot, by realizing and accepting that your health is vital.

      I hope your son can find a balance with everything.

      120 kg is not healthy, and I hope he finds a thing that can keep him active and health for long.

      • Thanks, Devang. I always enjoy your posts, even if I don’t get to read them till later. I learn so much from them. Well done and keep writing as you do. Have a great rest of the day, Devang.

  17. Wonderful, common sense advice that EVERYone should hear! It’s amazing how ‘portion distortion’ can pack on the pounds…and measuring serving sizes can bring you back to reality! Quick clarification….when you talk about walking for 30 minutes after a meal… that 30 minutes after you eat you go for a walk….or after eating you walk for 30 minutes? Maybe it’s lack of caffeine, but I was unsure. Thanks, Devang! 💞💞💞

  18. I love your wisdom, especially when you say, “Fat loss or weight loss should not be a task but a journey.” Well done, Devang! Congratulations 🎉

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