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How to make morning more sparkling?

There could be a time when you wake up and feel tired or weak. Or, there could be times when you thought you had a great sleep, still you feel fatigue. Or, you think that you woke up from the wrong side of bed and now your mood is all grumpy.

This is something we all experience at one point or another and this is very natural. Because we are humans, and we cannot always have a perfect morning.

However, there are some ways through which you can have a sparkling morning, ones with sufficient energy and the ones that won’t ask you to take any kind of supplement to kick-start your day.

I present you ways with which you can have a sparkling morning.

Maintain a good sleeping cycle

To have a good start, first we need to make sure we are ending our day properly. Like there are some people who use their phones late at night, sleep at odd timings, and it gets difficult for them to wake up at a proper time.

First, we need to change our habit of sleeping at irregular time. Then we need to make sure, we are not using any gadget before bed, because that could affect our sleep and can make us more alert. If we are not sleeping at the time we are supposed to sleep, then waking up gets difficult automatically.

When people wake up at odd timings, they get up with annoyed mood, or they may not experience sufficient energy for the day. This habit not only makes our morning bad, but also make us feeling tired all the time.

The biggest problem with younger people nowadays is that they are not sleeping at the right time. I personally know many people who stay awake late at night, doing absolutely nothing, and then they complain about insomnia. They have already disturbed their sleep cycle, and now they are spoiling their day with less energy.

We need to make sure we are sleeping at the right time and then waking up at the right time. Sleep needs to be proper 7–8 hours (may vary according to age). We need this routine daily, so that we can keep our circadian rhythm in check.

If we can maintain a good sleeping pattern, then we can automatically have extra energy in the morning.

Don’t skip the breakfast

People often skip the most important meal of the day. When you break this word, you will get break-fast, means it’s when we are breaking the fast we are on.

Breakfast is an important meal because it is supposed to give you the required energy. You are about to start the day and cannot conquer the world on an empty stomach.

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Your breakfast should be nutritious, it could contain healthy fats, protein, complex carbs to fuel your engine. It should be filling and deliver a range of nutrients. If you need energy in the morning, this has to be the best way.

Always remember to hydrate properly. Drink plenty of water throughout the day


But, there are things that one should strictly avoid in the breakfast like cold beverages, ultra processed foods, simple carbs, unhealthy fats like trans fats that include oily food like kachori, pakoras, etc.

Coffee could act a stimulant, it reduces drowsiness and restore alertness. However, too much caffeine can cause an energy crash, as that alertness is temporary. It can even disturb sleep cycle if taken at the wrong time.

Also, avoid combining 2 meals into one, like brunch. I despise the concept of brunch, in this people stay hungry till the lunchtime so that they can eat heavy meal at once. This is giving them various issues like high cholesterol, blood sugar level spikes, hypertension, etc.

People who eat healthy breakfast regularly experience explosive energy and much happier mood.

Some morning stretch, maybe!?

This is another effective thing that make your morning sparkling. Stretching opens up the body that got locked up. It relaxes muscles and makes us more active.

Sometimes we often end up sleeping in an awkward position, or we wake up tired with no specific reason. Stretching, in the morning, is like a wake-up call. You can give your body some gentle movements with the stretching.

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It may not necessarily give you the energy, but it will make your body more active and flexible.

Well, good news for you is I’ve already written a blog post based on it. You can check it out.

Use time productively

We often wake up and wonder what we should do. Here, we can use that time by doing something that is pre-planned. This could include any activity of your liking. I won’t be giving any ideas in this section.

I usually read books in the morning, because for me that time is peaceful, and I can read books interrupted. I even write ideas for blog posts or articles because I feel that’s the time I get most ideas. Similarly, you can also try something that you think can give your brain some peace.

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I think of blogging in the morning, and I may give it a try someday to see how different that post comes out to be. I also read blogs of my favorites in the morning, because I feel that’s when I can give them my undivided attention.

Make sure you are getting up at the right time, so that you don’t have to rush. I won’t tell which time is right for you, but you should have sufficient time for yourself. That is possible if you plan things beforehand.

This little habit may seem to be less effective at first, but this will help us preserve the energy for just the right thing.

Digestion has a lot to do with energy

A poor digestive system can also make you fatigued. If you have proper digestion, if you are getting all the nourishment from the food, if you are eating the right food, Then you can have the right amount of energy throughout the day.

Yes, breakfast plays an important role, but we also need to make sure our digestion remains in good condition. This has a lot to do with our eating habits. We need to be aware of what we are eating and how much of that is pertinent for us.

If what we are eating is helping our body, then automatically we can have monstrous energy.

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Early morning on an empty stomach you can have some drinks like aloe vera juice, amla juice, cumin water, tea made from some flowers, etc. These not only improves digestion, but also improves metabolism, improves skin health, gives long-lasting energy and even lifts mood.

These may or may not work for everyone, but are worth a try.


Things mentioned in the post are easy to do. I won’t guarantee that it will work on you or not. I won’t be saying that your morning will be sparkling from tomorrow if you start doing it. But, these invites a healthy routine and that can work positively for you.

Sleeping at the right time, eating breakfast, stretching, etc. may seem very simplistic, but once they became a part of your routine they can give you all the necessary energy for the day.

In the comments, tell me how your morning looks like. What you do that gives you the energy? And how you remain active for the day?

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Anyway, keep smiling.

56 responses to “How to make morning more sparkling?”

  1. Thanks for this! Your posts always come at the perfect time. πŸ™‚ I’ve been feeling very fatigued, not having a great sleeping schedule. I will try to sleep better and not forget to eat breakfast. I hope you had a sparkling morning β˜€οΈβ€οΈ

    • I follow these things and feel energetic

      I’ve noticed if my schedule is disturbed, like if I’m not able to sleep at proper time. I feel fatigue and not 100%.

      These things if followed for a week can start showing results.

      Other than being fatigued and pretty, how are you doing?

      • Oh I see, I’m the same way. I’ll try to make some improvements this week πŸ˜„
        Aww, you are always so kind and sweet, lol! πŸ€— I’m doing good, thanks for asking. I just finished eating dinner actually. ❀️ Are you doing well? Have a beautiful day and be safe! πŸ™πŸΌ

      • I’ll have a breakfast and head to the gym.

        You sleep well and sleep on time.
        Follow this things for a week and experience explosive energy 🧨

        Take care
        Keep smiling πŸ€—

  2. Thank you for sharing valuable tips, Devang. I love to read your posts as they are relatable and inspiring.

    My mornings are busy.
    It’s difficult for me to read in the morning which I compensate by reading while traveling (thanks to the one hour distance from my home to the office).
    I only do 20 minutes of dance workout in the morning and 15 minutes of stretches before sleeping at night.
    Since it’s the festive season when it’s difficult to avoid sweets, I make sure that at least my breakfast is filling and healthy. I have started avoiding bread and rotis for breakfast and instead have eggs or sausage with green beans. Coffee is great but only once a day.

    • Can’t express how happy I am to see you here dear friend.

      Yes, you are indeed busy

      I won’t say, everyone should read a book in morning. Its just what I do. I feel good

      20 mins of dance session is powerful.
      You can eat roti dear, it’s homemade and it’s healthy. You can add some sabji or healthy butter with it.
      Yes bread, I won’t suggest.

      Your breakfast sounds amazing rn.

  3. Well, Devang, you have great advice And I am not a morning person. Rigid bedtimes are difficult as I take care of a late leaning teenager. Thanks for trying to make the beginning of the day better!

  4. Lovely list for a beautiful start to the day, D! πŸ’ž Mornings are my favorite part of the day…and not only because it’s coffee time πŸ˜‰

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