Bodyweight squats or Weighted squats, which one is better?

Squats is the most common exercise!!! Let me tell you how. You do it daily without even knowing. Don’t believe me? Well, sitting and getting up, picking something from the floor, or tying your shoe-laces while bending down. These all are, more or less, types of squats.

If you are already working out then you might have got a hint of what this blog is about. This blog will throw some light on types of squats, their benefits and which one is better among those 2. So lend me your 5 mins and read on.

Bodyweight squat

“Bodyweight squats”(or air squats), is a great exercise that you can do anywhere and it is good for every level. It has benefits like:

  • It strengthens your core- and that makes your everyday movements smoother.
  • Terrific calorie burner(I remember, I had mentioned squats in my last blog, check that out)
  • Strengthens muscles of the lower body.
  • Reduces knee aches(that’s the best thing right?).
  • Improve posture.

If you are already been doing squats and are bored with the squats, then try another variation. There are tons of variations of squats that don’t even require any equipment. You can try to challenge yourself by doing those variations(I will discuss variations of squats in future).

Weighted squats

If you are unaware of weighted squats then I want you to watch the above GIF again. Well, these types of squats are like another level to air squats and are little strenuous to do due to added weights. Weighted squats have benefits like:

  • Are good for muscle building.
  • Are great for toning your thighs, butts and calves.
  • Strengthen your legs.

There are various ways to do weighted squats. You can either use weights, dumbbells, kettle-bell or barbells. You can even use a resistance band to add some difficulty.

Caution- Weighted squats should only be done once you have mastered air squats and even if you are using weights for squatting, make sure you do it under a professional trainer’s supervision.

What are the disadvantage of these squats?

Few disadvantages are :

  • Squatting with weights can jeopardize your knees if you are not doing properly or lifting more than your limit.
  • Overdoing can also hurt you(and that applies to all the exercises).

No rep is better than the bad rep

If you want extra safety for your knees, then try these wraps. These support your joints with excellent compression. These wraps can also be used on ankles, wrists for support. Check it out now.

Which squats version is better?

There is no good or bad squat variant, both types of squats have their own advantage and it all depends on what your goal is. If you get very little time to workout or if you can’t go to the gym, then bodyweight squats can be done. Weighted squats, as I mentioned above are like level 2(rather call it level 10th), It’s for those who want to attain a certain physique and should be done under supervision.

If I talk about my favourite then I will go with air squats. I like to do its various variations and I mix those with other exercises.

Share your experience with me in the comment section if you are trying squats for the first time. If you are already doing squats regularly, then let me know your favourite version. Also, clap if you like this blog.

Have a wonderful time ahead and make sure you find time for a workout.

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