Nutrient series #3- Water

Waterwater, everywhere, And all the boards did shrink; Water, water, everywhere, Nor any drop to drink.

Don’t worry, I am not being poetic. It must be obvious by now that, today’s topic is water. And I will specifically be talking about water as an important Macronutrient.

This is 3rd blog in my Nutrient series. Make sure you read parts 1 and 2.

Our body consists of 60-70% water & nearly all our major organs depend on it.

Here are a few things that water do inside our body:

  • It cushions and lubricates the joints
  • It nourishes and protects the brain
  • It protects tissues and other organs
  • It helps dissolve the nutrients (The ones we are discussing in these blogs).
  • It then carries nutrients & oxygen to our cells
  • It Nourishes the skin
  • Help in waste removal, by ensuring proper function of kidneys and urinary bladder.

There are more functions of water in our body, but I guess you got the basic picture of why it’s important. After writing all these points, I want to take a water break, I’ll be back.

The major question arises, why do we need water when we already have 60-70 % water inside our bodies all the time?

Well, you also lose water through precipitation, urination, or through puking. But, then you need to regain that lost water. Consider it like this, your vehicle can still run in reserve mode, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need fuel. You may need fuel sooner or later.

Just like a vehicle, our body can still work for some time if we skip drinking water, but that can cause some serious trouble if we ignore it for too long.

Let me tell you what exactly will happen:

When the water level drops inside the body, then vital organs start getting filled with blood, causing cells to shrink. This could also lead to the contraction of the brain & blood vessels. Blood pressure also changes, as the concentration of salt and minerals increases.

Also, kidney failure will happen among all this to make the matter worse. Now, just imagine what will happen if your body isn’t able to throw out toxins?

I have a separate blog about Dehydration: What-Why-How?, Check. it out to know what will happen when you dehydrate.

When our body experiences low levels of water, it sends signals to our brain that we need water. Hence, that’s when we get the urge to drink the water. I have already mentioned that without water salt concentration increases. But when we drink water, levels of salt drop, and when it reaches a satisfactory level, our brain stops the urge to drink any more water.

How much water do we need per day?

Major doubt people have about how much water they need per day.

This image will help you understand a little better.

This is just a standard value, but the actual need for water depends on various factors like height, weight, age, gender, climate, amount of physical activity, and more.


One way to find out how much water you need is

Take your body weight in pounds and divide it by 2, the result will be the amount of water you need in ounces. You can easily convert ounces into liters with the help of the converter.

For example, if your weight is 160 pounds (lbs), then you divide it by 2, and you get 80. That means you need 80 ounces or 2.36 liters daily.

According to the National Academics of Science, Engineering & Medicine. Women need at least 2.7 liters of water per day and Men need 3.7 liters per day.

When you drink adequate water, your body will experience some good changes like:

1: You will experience an increase in energy and productivity. Dehydration can cause fatigue & can reduce the functioning of the brain.

2: Improve physical activity. Staying hydrated can boost your performance.

3: Water is also a good Mood booster. If you ever feel negative, water can make you feel good (However I don’t want you to feel negative, I want you to shine).

Make sure you hydrate properly in the summer or after any intense physical activity.

Sometimes water is not sufficient and we need something more. I will discuss what that is in my blog about Minerals.


That’s it for this blog. I hope I made you realize how and why water is important.

If you find any difficulty in remembering to drink the water, use a sticky note and stick it on someone’s face. You can also associate drinking water with something.

Share this blog with someone who needs a reminder about drinking water at the right time.

But, before that, drop comments below,

and after that, you smile.

I’m thirsty!!

43 responses to “Nutrient series #3- Water”

  1. Great Post Devang. I must admit this is one area I don’t usually have a problem with. I’ve usually always got water beside me while I work.

  2. I drink tea with lemon constantly throughout the day. Yes, I heard that tea is dehydrating as it is considered a diuretic, but I read other reports that the amount of fluids that are pulled into the kidneys is low, so drinking tea is still a viable option. The sliced fresh lemons add vital electrolytes and small amounts of vitamin C. I check on the levels of hydration regularly to ensure I’m sipping often enough! (This is done by looking at one’s fingertip pads… if they are smooth we are hydrated. if they are wrinkly like when coming out of a bath, we a dehydrated!)

  3. I found your blog post just while drinking water hahaha!
    You’re right but, drinking water has became a problem for me these days. Actually i keep a 1 ltr. Bottle filled with water on my study table and it takes me no time to empty the bottle within a couple of hours, as a consequence of that i need to get up from my chair very frequently to pee😭 in this chilly weather.
    I need to decrease my water intake!!πŸ˜‚

  4. You’ve started writing even more longer blogs… I definitely need a water break nowπŸ˜‚
    Btw, a great post, I loved the images and especially that “water water everwhere… ”
    Keep reminding us to do atleast some good to our body!
    Stay magical, D

  5. Nice post with useful information..
    I agree that I have a problem in consuming the required amount of water. I will correct it. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I so needed this post. I’m awful when it comes to drinking enough water but I’m working on it. I’ve been keeping a water bottle with me these days which is helping me drink more water.

  7. Hi Devang,
    The reason I’m reading this post is that I was busy in drinking enough water. I’m satisfied now.
    And thinking of continue living this way.πŸ™‚

    • This blog post is helpful in many ways, such 1) solving dehydration problem, 2) providing information on requirements and benefits of drinking water, and 3) making me feel better as an overall experience.
      I thank you.πŸ€½β€β™‚οΈπŸ’§πŸš°πŸ‰

      • I didn’t felt to write or read. Because bloggers do a lot of hardwork in writing blog posts, I started scrolling and exploring. Β» selected some blog posts Β» yours was pleasing (green colour featured image) and genuine and more helpful in the nature.
        I’m trying hard to not write a long comment. Bye.

      • Long comments are appreciated.
        It’s good thing that you are sufficiently hydrated.
        Keep drinking.
        This blog was fun to create. I tried to make it less boring

  8. Nice job, it’s a good reminder as to why we need to drink water. If you drink bottled water, a good reminder for yourself each day is to grab 3 or 4 large 16 fl. oz. bottles and put them where you spend most of your time. That way you see what you still need to drink that day.

  9. I may have mentioned it before, but I love water.
    I start out my day with water, usually have a good sized coffee and then normally drink water for the rest of the day.

    There’s nothing more satisfying to me and it actually tastes really good, although it has no flavor!

  10. A very nice and informative post bro! Your knowledge is so helpful to all of us here! Thanks a lot for providing such information and guidance to people like me specially πŸ˜…πŸŒΉπŸ‘πŸ™

  11. Sorry, I’m so late getting to your post, Devang. I’ve had your blog open on my laptop for what seems like weeks. I’ve just been incredibly busy. I seem to have gone from being very quiet and withdrawn to being snowed under.

    This is an excellent post, my friend. There are some fascinating facts, a lot of which I didn’t know, so have learned even more from you today. As you know, I’ve never been great at drinking enough water, but just recently, I’ve been drinking herbal teas, which are lovely and very refreshing. I’ve also started keeping a bottle of water next to my bed so that, when I wake in the morning, I try and drink as much as I can from that. I’m hoping if I stay more hydrated, it will give me a bit more energy. I’m doing so much these days that I hardly have time to keep up with my blog reading. Thank you for sharing this very helpful information. As always, I love your graphics – they are so interesting to look at and help to take the information into my mind very well. How are you doing? 😊

    • Please don’t be sorry
      It’s same with me
      I still I have 2 pending blogs from your side to read.
      When I decide to read, you share another one
      Stay hydrated dear friend.
      I am doing well, even better with your precious comment.

  12. An informative piece, Devang! I ensure to take the required quantity of water, but I take more in the morning.

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