Things people are not getting enough of

Welcome to my blog, here I talk about things which may or may not be useful to you. But, still, I encourage you to read them and share your knowledge and experience with me.

Today I will talk about things that people don’t get enough of. These things are crucial to us and our health but for some reason, we avoid or miss getting enough of them. With this blog, I will provide reasons why these things should not be ignored and how to get enough of them.

#1 Sunlight

There are many people who don’t get sufficient sunlight. There are various reasons for that, But I will not highlight those reasons. I will rather give some reasons why you should take sufficient sunlight.

Sunlight is a good source of vitamin D, sufficient vitamin D means good bone and teeth health, also is good for the immune system and supports brain health.

Research suggests that Sunlight reduces the level of cortisol, which is a stress hormone. Another research suggests that early morning sunlight reduces depression as well.

Sunlight also reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, reduces hypertension and type-1 diabetes.

The most amazing benefit daily sunlight gives is “positivity”. If you spend 10-30 mins in sun daily, you will feel more positive and more charged up.

So, put on some sunscreen lotion and enjoy the sun.

Keep yourself in sunshine, gain some vitamin D,
And avoid the deficiency.
Its' like gold,
Make sure to wear it and increase your efficiency.
- Vidah

#2 Water

Believe it or not, people do not drink sufficient water. I personally know many people who keep reminders of water drinking. I hope now they are drinking sufficient water with all those reminders.

So, let’s talk about what you can achieve with sufficient water. First, water will flush out all the toxins from your beautiful body. Second, it ensures the proper functioning of all cells, tissues, metabolism, digestive system and so much more. Water, also make sure that your skin and hair remain in optimal health.

Do you want to know what happens if you become dehydrated? Then check this out β‡Ύ Dehydration: What-Why-How?

Various, people/research will suggest you different numbers, but let’s aim for 3 liters of water. It may be hard for you to “remember” drinking water, so how about you associate it with something. How about after reading this blog from your favorite blogger, you drink 1 glass of water? I mean you definitely deserve that, consider that as a reward from me. Or how about when you complete something important like writing a blog or reading 4-5 blogs or after doing some chores, you make sure to drink water.

These are some ways that can remind us of precious water. Let me know some ways that keep you reminded of water.

Thinking of cleaning yourself inside out?
Want to have a healthy skin without any doubt?
Willing to join hands with anxiety free crowd?
Then, my friend...Drink some water!
- Vidah

#3 Nature

Due to various reasons, people don’t get enough time for nature. I understand that the major reason behind that is our lifestyle. I mean, we live in a certain place or get occupied with work, so we may not be able to spend time with nature. But spending time in nature is equally crucial.

Various research suggests that daily 30 mins with nature is good for our health, as it reduces stress levels and makes us happier. The benefits are more, but first, you need to learn how to spend time with nature.

Basically, gardening, watering plants, going to the park, taking sunlight daily (which I’ve mentioned above), going for early morning walks/runs, trekking, adventuring, boating, spending time at the zoo, spending time in the open air, etc. means spending time with nature.

For many of you doing any of these activities may not be possible daily. At least you can try it weekly, on a day of your choosing, can you manage that? Let me know in the comments.

Extremely wonderful connection,
The most beautiful reaction,
Puts my senses in order,
Makes me feel soother,
Yes, I am a nature lover.
- Vidah

#4 Exercising

I know you see that coming. Well yes, daily exercising is essential. I have highlighted several times why daily exercising is needed for you guys. If for some reason, you haven’t included that in your lifestyle, I don’t know how will I ever convenience you.

Let me be very clear, I don’t want you to join the gym specifically. I have talked to a few of my blogger buddies, and I have realized that they don’t have time for the gym, and that’s true we may not have time for the gym. Many Fitness influencers, will hate me for saying this, but the gym is not for everyone. Of course, you can join a gym if you want a specific physique (That would also mean eating a strict diet), but if your goal is to stay fit, many other activities are sufficient for you.

I personally know many people who are fit without any gym. Fitness influencers will hate me again but trust me guys abs and muscular bodies are not the definition of fit. I suggest you to add any kind of physical activity to your schedule. If you are busy, I have shared some chair and bed workout as well, to keep you active. Regular exercise can avoid additional trips to the Doctor, which brings us to our next point.

Some useful blogs for your fitness journey β‡Ύ Seated workout, Seated workout πŸ’Ί #2, Workout at bed, Creative workout ideas( It’s gonna be fun)

#5 Visiting Doctor

Look, I know no one wants to go to the doctor, unless for any specific reason. But, we should not ignore going to the doctor completely. We should not ignore any signs that our body is giving us. Visiting a doctor and regular check-ups are a must.

Let me tell you the story of Mr D. Mr D used to go to the gym regularly, he lost significant weight, and he ate a nutritious diet. The only problem with him was he got sick a lot, he always ignored that and used to take medicines on his own. He does this every time he gets sick. One day when he again got sick, he was unable to take any medicine, because he……..

Don’t worry, he did not die, he lived long enough to write this fantastic blog. Actually, I went to the doctor, because I got sick for the 3rd time. To my surprise, I have been told that I am low on immunity, but well this is the story with me since I was a handsome little boy (and still handsome). I am taking the appropriate treatment now. The majority of us avoid going to doctors and become doctors ourselves, which we should not be doing

Whether it is Dentist, ophthalmologist or general physician, visiting a doctor should be on your priority list.

Fun fact-Between 2018-20, I visited multiple doctors. I think twice or thrice a week, but never for me. I had many negative nancys in my life back then.

#6 Self-love

Self-love or Self-care is something people often ignore. Many people ignore their own needs and indulge themselves in several other things. Self-love or self-care also means people need to listen to their body’s needs.

With Self-love/care, there should also be Self-appreciation. Many times people treat themselves very badly, due to what others think of them. Kindly practice positive self-talk, mindfulness, and appreciate every little achievement.

Do not ignore your beautiful body, avoid treating it badly and be thankful for who you are. Trust me, you are special and there’s no second you.

Want to feel loved?
Why looking for someone else?
Be faithful to yourself and cultivate your soul,
Self care is the best medicine of them all!
- Vidah

In the comments tell me if you feel I missed something. Let me know, and you will earn a glass of water from my side. I appreciate your suggestions and comments.

Also, a special thanks to Vidah for writing these poems. Time and again she proves how talented she is. I just gave her a rough idea about the blog, and she wrote these 4 poems within 10 minutes.

Enter her Magical world by clicking here

After returning from her Magical world, don’t forget to Smile

63 responses to “Things people are not getting enough of”

  1. One thing I do love is water. My favorite drinks are water and coffee. I usually only have one coffee during the day after I first have water in the morning and then I drink water for the rest of the day after my coffee usually.

    I also drink cumin water almost daily, sometimes twice a day. I’m not sure of the health benefits, but I heard it’s healthy so I drink it. Sometimes I put a splash of lime in it to help with the taste.

    I know that among other things, vitamin C, vitamin D as you mentioned, and also zinc are important for immunity.

    I hope you are doing well. Thanks for another great post loaded with helpful information.

  2. Thank you for sharing this with us, and i do practice all these things mentioned above everyday but the one that i don’t, is exercise. I hate doing that but I do have noticed that whenever I do exercise in the morning, that whole day I feel active and fresh, so i guess I’ll start doing that more religiously now.

  3. So, Mr. D is doing a good job.. Haha

    Water reminders are my thing, too.

    For sunlight, since it’s winter now… I am sure of having enough vitamin DπŸ˜›

    I love plants, have some of them at my home, too… They actually makes me feel better.

    Self love is indeed the best kind of love.

    I hope you’ll continue to keep Doctor prescriptions’ on your priority list.

    As for my poetry.. Thank you for letting me write them. 😊

  4. Great Post… and a timely reminder of the need for a couple of things … nature and exercise but I’m going to put them both under self-care as I tend to ignore my own needs when work gets busy. Unfortunately, I had a fall on Friday and can’t exercise for now but I can still (slowly) go for walks so I’ll try to focus on that.
    I already drink a lot of water, but one thing that resonated is using water as a treat/reward. I’ve changed my habit so I drink fizzy (unflavoured) water instead of sugary drinks now and I had been looking for rewards to reinforce habits … I’m going to use a a glass of fizzy water as my reward 😁
    Thank you for the inspiration

  5. The poems by Vidah was really beautiful and thank you for the reminders that everyone should notify. Rather than Sunlight, Water, Nature, Exercising, Visiting doctors, Self love – people are addicted to soft drinks, gadgets, quick burnouts, fat burnouts medicines, fast foods, selfish mottos.

    • Thanks for acknowledging the poem by Vidah. πŸ˜€
      Yes there are things that we should “ignore”, that can be a great topic for a blog.
      I am curious why you mentioned these things specially? πŸ˜ƒ
      Also, how are doing Athira?
      You don’t like conversation, but well I’m quite opposite ( however in person, I’m ambivert).

      • My pleasure.
        Those things came into my mind while I had a read.
        Yeah I’am doing well, thank you. How about you?
        It’s not like I don’t like conversations.. I rarely chats with my friends but incase of blogs, I used to talk alot by sharing thoughts and ideas.

      • I can write on this topic, It’s interesting.
        Can we discuss further about this and some more blogs? How to contact you??
        Why you used to? Why you stopped it? 😁

      • I’am active here, so you can connect me for any questions. I guess you asked about why I rarely that the one?

  6. Well, I’m new to your blog but there are a few other essential things: sleep and nutrition. Two things, two additional things I don’t get enough of. Now, on your advice, I’m going to go drink some water…right before bed.

  7. Beautiful tips for maintaining better health. As regards sunlight, I understand from a pathological lab that more than 75% who come for getting tested are found deficient in Vit D. So it’s of paramount importance to sit in sunlight daily for half an hour.

  8. Excellent blog post Devang. I concede with you here these are valuable reasons why people are not getting enough of these valid factors.

    All 5 factors are so true. I do go outside and busk in the sun fort getting that Vitamin D my body needs. Also, I love the self love point and yes we need to love ourselves first and appreciate the tiny accomplishments πŸ‘ŒπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ™

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